day 36

nowadays i write here every 2 days! haha, it’s becoming boring already. i guess it’s a good sign that it isn’t really deteriorating too badly. this is what i have currenty:

red face

my feet is weeping a little. my ankles are having new rashes, this time it’s lots of little small bumps. they’re drying up.

arms are exfoliating madly. dandruff don’t feel as bad unless i scratch it. face feels itchier than before.

in general, i feel less red. maybe that’s because my whole skin is red now, so there isn’t much of a contrast with my original skin color. legs are of a darker shade of red, nearing purple. maybe because of bad blood circulation. face is less bright red, it’s more toned down now. it’s just very dry, skin wants to flake of, skin wants to crack. sigh.


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