day 42

week 6!!!

every morning i wake up with dry skin. cracked too. i smell because it seeps.

face is exfoliating like mad. every day.

edema on legs is still bad. fingers feel a bit swollen too. finger joints hurt when bent.

torso not peeling as bad, but might just be because i rubbed off all the dead skin.

neck still dry.

i’m still red.

current list of symptoms I’m suffering now, indirectly or directly:
1) defoliation
2) red skin
3) temperature imbalance
4) edema – swelling legs and body
5) insensitive sense of touch – unable to feel clothes gliding over my skin.
6) seeping skin
7) insomnia
8) swelling and painful finger joints
9) dry scalp and dandruff
10) more hair fall


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