day 47

my skin feels like paper now. when i rub it, there’s sound. fuck!

today, most of the dry skin have fallen off.. so i’m left with “smooth” skin for now. it feels weird.

and the edema is clearly getting worse. i’m almost bloated up right now.

my feet is still the worst area right now.. it’s still flaking, oozing, drying, and then flake again.

my face was less red today, but still red. still peel in the morning.

anyway, today i received replies from both dr rapaport, and a nice guy called peter. it felt like 雪中送炭..

my skin do feel like its gonna crack any  moment. man.. it’s only my 7th week. almost 2 months. and it’s 3 more weeks before IA end. holy. lord, please let me last till then..

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