day 49

dry skin. previously wet and raw wounds on feet is drying up and seems to be healing. : ) but the redness is still there.

edema is still bad. it’s only morning, so i can’t tell how bad it is, but as the day goes by it gets progressively worse.

whole body is defoliating. face seems to be bad, but less red? i hope it keeps going in the right direction. it was oozing last night, slightly. not as bad as a few nights ago.

my neck is also fragile. dries up easily, like the flexures.

it took me so long to realize that the rashes that were originally on my body is GONE. but oh well, it’s replaced with the red and swollen skin. one for one? other than the rashes on my feet that seems to be spreading..

i smell bad. thanks to the interstitial fluid. must have had lots of waste in them, that’s why they smell bad. YUCK.

and i’m losing alot of hair. it’s scaring me.

right now, my hands hurt as there are cracks. shoulder seems to be pretty dried up too. after the peeling, the skin gets smooth for a night and then gets dried up again.

i say i’m a snake, but my friend says i’m a caterpillar. i sure is moulting a hell lot.


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