day 55

i think my face is getting worse. the skin never seems to stop exudating.. and i really can’t feel anything on my face now.. sigh.

body wise.. same old.

everytime after i shower, when i pat myself dry,
i feel the towel sticking on to my face.

it’ll be 2 months tomorrow.
according to my rough projection,
my 2nd month will be my worst month.
so i really hope things start to get better now..

dear lord, thank you for putting me through this test.
throughout this period, i have learnt that i’ve taken so many things for granted in the past.
simple things like sleeping well..
going for a jog, sweating out.
feeling normal without twitching and itching.

i really look forward to having those things back in my life again.
lord, please let this test past by soon..
i don’t want my loved ones to be so worried about me for so long..

like i said, i’m past the “how it look” stage.
i am really bothered about how it feels right now.
and it really feels bad.

face: red and dry. skin extremely fragile, a scratch will lead to wounding.
hands: dry and cracked.
arm: dry and flaking
torso: not as dry, but can feel the edema.
back: not as dry too, but weeps (between shoulder blade and shoulder blades)
thigh: dry and flaking. can see some darker patches. does this means the red is subsiding? or because i scratch that area too much that it’s pigmented?
calf: dry. scaly.
feet: sometimes it’s raised. scaly. weeps if scratched.

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