day 82

things are more or less stagnant.
sometimes there’s edema, sometimes not.
now my legs are kinda squishy.. probably day 2 or 3 like that.

face is constantly flaking, looks pinkish, and then flake again.
on certain days it’ll be so sensitive to touch.

leg is healing up, but wounds on right knee flexure is taking a longer time.
so are the wounds on my left foot.
but the previously swelling “bumps” have flattened.

torso’s dried skin have fallen off, so it’s smooth for now.
chest is less red.

lesser oozing on body but still quite alot on face on certain nights.
upper lip is badly inflicted,
so are the chin area.
cheeks ooze once in a while. : (
face still feels quite swollen.
but most of the time the face looks less red already.


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