day 84

so it’s been 12 weeks already.
i’m seeing signs of recovering, albeit minor ones.
and recovery is slow, but at least it’s finally showing good signs!

wounds are taking a little long to heal,
the wound on my left foot seems to be still “flaring”.

edema is not so bad now,
skin is squishy once again.

i’m starting to suspect that i’m having mini bouts of flare ups and peaceful periods.
i’d say it’s only day 2 or 3 since squishiness returned.

hands are visibly less red as compared to previously.

face is still flaking,
and pinkish. it’s sensitive.
new skin below flakes are thin and prone to further flaking in a few days time.
currently, nose bridge and inner corners of eyes, and chin area are most badly inflicted.
neck area seems to be dry and paper-ish too.

scalp still dry,
hair still falling.

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