day 105

after observing for 1 week,
i think i’m slowly getting the oils on my scalp back.
how do i know? it’s a little disgusting..
i can smell that familiar scent that i used to have in the past, when my scalp was oily after a whole day outside.
: ) never been happier.
i have to lose it to know how precious it is.

i’m still losing hair, but it’s still to early to say if i’m losing as much hair as i was in the past month.
can you believe it, my hair thinned out like.. 40%?
not that i have alot of hair to begin with..
sigh. i’m just glad that i’m not going bald.

face is still red sometimes, seems rashy. my upper and lower lips seems to be the worst, which is totally expected since that was where i put steroids for the longest of times.
it’ll peel and ooze juice. fml.

other than that my forehead seems ok, sometimes it’s a little dry.
cheeks are sensitive sometimes. still peels.
neck still rough and peeling.
shoulders are red and peeling too.
arms too.
hands too.
knees too.
ankles too.
feet too.
torso would be better on some days (if i didn’t scratch it).
fingers get some vesiculation and peeling after that. yuck.

at least i’m not saying “my whole body is red and peeling”. : )

shoulders peeling again.

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