day 117

i’m so tired.

why did i decide to undertake this seemingly impossible task of quitting steroids?
not that i want to go back to it.. but it’s getting harder and harder each time.

my face is changing skin.
it’s all hard cheeks-down.
hardened and cracked but not ready to come off yet.

i can only eat in small mouthfuls.


2 thoughts on “day 117

  1. I know you’re tired Juli, I am too. Very tired of this whole thing. I just want to sleep and be in a a sleep type coma until my skin is healed and I can wake up from this nightmare. I’m tired of scratching, bathing, slathering on virgin coconut oil, scratching before I sleep, waking myself up from scratching, scratching my itchy scalp, scraping of my peeling dry scalp (GROSS), then having the oil from the part underneath the part I peel off leak and smell tar-like (EW), flakes falling everywhere, having to scratch my back before I type this sentence, now having to scratch my hand (hold on), there, tired, tired, tired (just scratched my neck), now my back is calling my name again not even in more than a 10 second period (just ignoring it sometimes help if the itch response in that area is not THAT strong- usually is though), tired of washing my hair under the bathroom faucet, tired of not being able to take a shower because of the water pressure stinging my cuts, etc. Listen, we will get through this, you have a while to go but you’re still closer to it than your were 4 months ago! And I’m sure you see a little improvement, right? Even with the whole 1 step forward, 2,000 steps back process?! I’m here if you need to talk and relate…my hands and wrists look just like your pics, but worse! The other day I got a bunch of little bug bite like histamine-filled bumps all up my thumb and hand near the red to white border cut off. They itched so bad and would ooze fluid and never stop for hours, ugh.They’re gone now, but just waiting for their return in one of the next cycles! Keep praying to God too! Also, please answer my questions I asked you on your story page, okie doke? Xoxo


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