day 124

after a week.. the cycle seems to be dying down today.
it was still very rampant this noon,
but by evening, things seems to be calming down.

the outer side of my calf is totally smooth.
feels like normal skin, but still squishy.
there are some dark marks there though,
was infested with rashes previously.
the inner side have some rashes here and there.

right now my cheeks still flake every 2 days.
chin area is dry everyday.
exudes every night.
upper lips dry up to for big and think pieces of skin.
lower lips have little skin flakes that are quite thick.
this differs from the original thin skin flakes.

my arms are getting alot of flaking now too.
shoulders are badly affected.
then elbows.
wrist is leathery.
cracking of skin seldom occur now unless i overstretch the joint areas.

my feet is still..
i don’t know. bad.

One thought on “day 124

  1. I sure feel with you. I’m in my 7th month and had 6 weeks of calm from mid July until the first week of August. 😦 All the red, itchy, flaky skin is back on my arms and hands. Neck and chest are red and itch, but not much flaking. My legs have eczema rashes everywhere. Sigh~ hang in there, we will heal!

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