day 137

i dont know how to describe my skin anymore.
things have been recurring.
red/itchy -> skin dries and shed -> repeat

skin on torso, arm, and legs seems relatively better, but not normal yet.
eczematic rash here and there.
i don’t know if they are eczema rashes, but i just use the term cause they are slighly red and raised.
not itchy.

shoulders are healing, doesn’t flake as much.
skin there is progressively getting softer.
it used to be like elephant skin – hard and rough.

left wrist seems alot better than right wrist.
did i use more steroids on my right wrist?

skin on the thigh near my knee is relative worse than the skin of the outside of the thigh.

as for my face,
it’s still shedding. and itchy.

and my ankles,
still oozing, but i think it’s starting to heal up.

see the 4 little holes in the circle?
i have no idea what they are, but i observe these little holes for quite some time..
last time when my calf was crazily shedding, after the scab falls off, it will reveal these little wells.
it will be filled with fluid, upon drying with a tissue, you see the wells.
these were on my ankle, where the holes are relatively larger so it’s more visible.
i observe them on other areas that scab too.
like on the skin above and below my lips,
after the scab falls off i see micro wells there.

no idea why they are there, but just quite interesting (and disgusting at the same time).
i know they’ll go away eventually (as with what i observed on my calf)..


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