day 158

i think i’m getting the heat back.
feeling chilly at certain times of the day.

all else remains constant.

shoulder is peeling again.

i’m glad that the skin friends are cheering me on,
even though i know i’m not alone in my journey,
but the sufferings are still there.

you know party rock anthem?
“everyday i’m shuffling”.

everyday i’m suffering.

2 thoughts on “day 158

  1. Just found this blog as I am in steroid withdrawal too.
    I hadn’t touched steroids for about 3 years – then when I moved from D.C. to California the change in environment sent my immune system into a frenzy! I went to several doctors all any of them offered were steroids. I refused them all until the last one – I was so frustrated I caved.

    After going on an oral and topical steroid regimen, I went into a CRAZY withdrawal. I wasn’t able to breathe -it was so hard, I broke out terribly, and my IGE levels skyrocketed.

    I am sorry to hear that you too are suffering like I am. Many times when I suffer like this I feel so alienated, I just wanted to comment to let you know you aren’t alone in fighting this. Stay Strong.

  2. thank you very much for your comment.. i’m sorry to hear that you’re going through what i’m going through too.. really. i hope no one on this earth haev to go through this kind of living hell like me.

    would you like to join the community? we have a group of people who’re all going through withdrawal, giving each other support every now and then..

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