day 172

just updated several photos.
somehow they don’t seem that bad from the photo,
so maybe you wont understand why i was so frustrated a few days ago..

but in reality the look much worse.

my face is beet red after peeling.
then it gets hard after a few days and proceed on to peel.
they don’t peel in one big piece so i’m left with alot of little flakes on my face.


i’m so scared of showering these days.
i can’t believe i can skip shower.
i’ve never done that in my whole life until now.
even if i apply vaseline after shower, my skin will still dry up.
i really hate it.

are things going in reverse?
am i getting the eye rash because i had that when i was a kid?

feeling so awful,
but i’m really glad i get to stay home today.

i think i should really stay home and pause school for a while but i really cant.

anyway, i thought i should describe and elaborate the situation on my feet and right arm.
i call them vesiculation because whenever the scab peels off, i see wells on my skin (which are the vesiculation).
they will form a scab over the next 2 days but peels quickly again.
the scab doesn’t adhere well to my skin beceause there’s so much fluid in between the scab and my skin.
it will peel off and depending on the stage it’s at, it’ll have different amount of juice.
i realize at the beginning, the oozing is hard to stop.
it takes a great deal of effort to make it dry up, and when the scab is formed, it’s a very thin layer of scab.
as time progresses, the scab that forms get increasingly thick, feels like dried juice.
it still oozes when the scab falls off but not as much as initially, and it dries up a little faster too.
somewhere in bewteen, the scab has more of a skin-like consistency. still ooze when it falls off.
then it reaches a point where by the scab no longer forms a scab, but a very dry skin that turns white upon scratching..
i haven’t reach any point further than this.

that’s all for this update.

5 thoughts on “day 172

  1. Hmm, i stay at home for nearly 4 yrs now and hardly step out of the house unless to see the doctor. I quitted my uni after my first yr but it still feels bad though. Just got to know Peter few days ago and came upon ur blog today, Hang in there and i believe we will recover one day like i did 9 yrs ago before my relapse in 2007.

    • thanks BG.. it would be a waste for me to quit uni as i only have one more year to completion. hope this blog helped people out there to see what steroid withdrawal is like! thanks for your encouragement, and i hope you recover soon too! god bless.

  2. Juliana, your eyelid rash came back because it was suppressed when you started using steroids on it. I know the initial reason you got eczema is because of your food allergens. If you stay away from the foods for the rest of your life after you’re healed of steroid withdrawal, I feel very confident that you wouldn’t get eczema again if you stayed of from those food allergens as well. Keep hanging in there.

  3. Hi juliana!!
    I really love your blog, it helped me a lot during rough times 🙂

    I’m quite new to tsw, quit cold turkey 2 months ago. At first i had this cycle of oozing n skin peeling off but now these weird blisters/vesicles keep appearing on my hands and feet 😦

    First my hand/feet would start to itch and if i scratch them, it will either ooze out stinky liquid or form blisters with liquid inside. If i dont do anything to the vesicles they will eventually dry up by themselves and the skin would peel off. But then the cycle keeps repeating itself over and over…did the same thing happen to you? How long did it take for the vesicles to go away? And did they keep coming back?

    Thank you sooo much in advance 😀

    • hi there,

      glad you found some help from my blog.
      regarding vesicles, yes i did have them. they just keep repeating for at least a year for me, until my skin healed over time. each cycle is a few days, but for it to disappear, it took more than a year.

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