day 177

holy cow, i can count down to my 6th month soon, but that doesn’t matter because it’s not the duration that marks the improvements.

i haven’t been taking alot of photos lately.
i have been looking back at the photos i’ve taken previously though.
i’ve came a long way.
i can’t remember how i made it through those days.
if i can make it through the previous time,
i think i can somehow make it through this time as well.

i’ve cropped out some of the parts of my face that i want to show you all. i’ve linked them too, so if you think that the photo is too small, click on it. it should open up to a bigger picture.

neck, 18 june 11. 2 months off steroids.
it’s weepy at night, and cracks some times.
there were times when i cannot turn my head because it will tear the cracks open.
it will dry up to look like the photo above.
lots and lots of scales.
i love peeling them away.
but it hurts because it reveals pink skin, which is rather raw.

chin, 18 june 11. 2 months off steroids.
i have no idea how it made them bleed and wounded like this.
probably rubbed when i’m asleep.
hurts a shit load when i shower.
chin will peel profusely.

eyes and brow bone, 18 june 11, 2 months off steroids.
i’m basically covered in scales.

chin, 19 june 11, 2 months off steroids.
i must applaud my skin for recovering so fast.
those wounds that i inflicted a day before are now skin that’s ready to peel.
light speed.
i want to bring your attention to the skin on the far right (near my ear).
you can see that there are areas with skin ripped off (hence revealing pink skin) and the other part of the face still had a layer of old skin.

cheeks, 27 june 11, approximately one week after the previous photo. 2 weeks away from 3 months of steroid cessation.
skin on cheeks have recovered pretty well.
for the bulk of july, my face had actually become less red, and the skin looks more calm.
i guess i can call this the end of the first facial flare.

cheeks, 26 july 11, 3 months after steroid cessation.
skin that peels off from my cheeks are no longer that thick.
it does not reveal overly raw pink skin after peeling.
but they do look like some insects eggs in this photo, which i find it very disturbing.
just a personal phobia.

cheeks and chin, 3 aug 11, 1 week to 4 months of steroid cessation.
this is my second flare (for the face).
lips area would ooze alot. scab alot. flake alot. ooze again. repeat.

cheeks, 28 aug 11, 4 months after steroid cessation.
you can tell that the skin that’s drying on my cheeks look thicker than those skin in the previous photo.
i also want to bring your attention to
1) the rash on my nose bridge. it will peel and ooze. i can’t wear my specs for 1+ month. it’s recovered now though! YAY.
2) my neck. it’s constantly having cycles. some days it’s bad, some days it looks better. right now my neck is only left with a small rough rash. will take a photo soon.

as of today,
my hands calmed down.
finger is still bad.
feet still bad.
calf still rashy.
thigh still rough and flaky and red.
still tomato faced.

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