day 227

short update.

face still red and flake and ooze.

left feet healing a little faster than right feet,
the oozing parts have become more normal now.
ankles still bad, but better than before.

right hand looks better than left hand.
but left wrist looks better than the right.

ear lobes are oozing and crusting.
ear canals are oozing too!? WTF!?
: ( i can’t wear earphones now.

scalp still ooze if i scratch the scab off.

shoulders, elbow, knee are too dry.
scratched too much??
it peels there.

thighs and calf….. i think i scratched them a little too much.
the skin is drying and flaking off.
thighs ooze a bit if i scratch.
but legs aren’t burning.

i still stink. : (((((((((((((

sleeping hours seem to be shifting again.
last week, i was clocking 5-6 hours of sleep, around 3am-8pm
but for the last 2 days, i slept like 8 hours (waking up at a 2 hour interval).

i think thats all for now..


2 thoughts on “day 227

  1. I’m going through this myself god love you.I’m not fully con inched this is sw.I’m having a space age treatment at the moment look like somebody put me on fire .keep in there things will get better xx

    • hey theresa, thanks for the comment! what is space age treatment? the number one symptom of steroid withdrawal is red and hot burning skin.. please visit kelly’s website, she has some resources there..

      i hope things will get better for you too!

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