day 251

i think i’m seeing some progress over the week.
some skin that flakes off my cheeks are now thinner than before.
my forehead still peels thick skin and reveals pink shiny flesh that will ooze a little.
but my cheeks will peel a little and reveal shiny flesh that doesn’t ooze.
some parts of my face still ooze yellow ooze.

i wash my hair like once a week now,
but this week i’m starting to notice the smell of oils on my scalp.
just a very faint sniff of that smell, i think it means it’s slowly coming back!

my left index finger is finally less swollen.
it was still very raw a week ago, the skin will always peel off prematurely to reveal holey flesh.
now it’s better. the skin adheres for 2 days and reveals a shiny but not holey skin after it peels.
my thumb is going through it’s 2nd cycle i guess.. just got past the raw stage.

thighs are peeling alot.
will ooze if the skin peels prematurely.

skin on my hands and wrist peels of in thick scales now.
inner elbow too.

some areas are inflicted with the wound that takes forever to heal.
i mean the ones grows holey flesh.

that’s about it.

2 thoughts on “day 251

  1. Hi! Good luck on your recovery. I am also going through the same thing. I hit complete awareness last October 2011. But I have only been using corticosteroids for less than a year. I’m past my 2nd month now and I’m still peeling. Good luck to us who have to go through this. I hope you recover soon so I know there’s good ahead of me. 🙂

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