day 254

not part of the plan:
taking a break from school.
losing 3/4 of my hair.
not being able to walk properly sometimes.
not being able to sleep well.
sleeping at odd timings.
feeling feverish 70% of the time.
losing time with my family.
being depressed for most of the year.
being reduced to a useless creature who needs to depend on others to survive.

i didn’t forsee all these.
things seems to get harder by the second.

i hope i’m better in a year’s time.


One thought on “day 254

  1. Hi there again. It looks like you may still be a long way ahead to recovery. I hope you get better soon. By the way, are you doing anything about your diet? I have been reading a lot of articles that say you need to fix your diet as well.

    I think even though we’ve withdrawn from steroids, our problem is still cut in two – steroid withdrawal as well as eczema that has been there all along. So even though we have gone out of or dealt with the risks of steroid overuse, we still need to do something about the eczema.

    I started going vegan just last Sunday. My face is still dry, though I know it takes time before a new regimen takes effect. Btw, you might want to email me if it’s okay with you. I’d love to have someone to talk to from time to time while going through this journey. 🙂

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