day 263

i’m not too motivated to write here these days.
not much reason to because things are more or less the same!

i went to a clinic yesterday, the doctor i saw is aware of steroid overuse and the consequences.
sigh. she said i’m the one through the net.
most people don’t over use steroids.

oh well.

yes i’m still oozing.
those spots which have holey flesh are still… holey.
i think it takes >3 months for them to recover.
we’ll see.
it’s like a month already.

the doctor said mometasone is really strong.
i really think that’s the steroid that made me have those “wounds”, because the damage is so bad.
i can see the flesh that’s growing out whenever the scab falls off.
it’s really holey.

lethargic these days.

3 thoughts on “day 263

  1. Hello!! 🙂 Do you still remember me? The fellow Singaporean whom posted a comment a few months back?

    How are you feeling? I’ve been keeping track of your blog and i think your skin has gradually improved over the past few months. I hope that you will get better soon!

    I listened to your advice and went to see a TCM doctor for my skin problems. I have been drinking TCM for about a month but had seen no improvements.
    You mentioned in your blogpost that you went to see a new doctor? Is it a dermatologist? If it’s not a hassle, may i know which clinic it is? I have been trying to look for a dermatologist or doctor who believe in the harmful effects of steroids instead of dumping them one after another at me. Hence, I would like to visit your doctor to get an opinion.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi,

    It’s Steph from the previous comment. I was just reading your old posts…trying to figure out what stage I am at. You said your skin was ‘holey’…my skin is doing that too…under the dry yellow scabs…and fluid oozes out of these holes for like…ever. Just wondering what happened after…did it heal?? These holes are never seeming to close up argh.

    btw I’m definitely going to make a blog soon…I want to stay connected with my fellow skin friends! I’ll let you know when I have it up 🙂

    • yea the holes do close up.. it takes about a day for it to close up then form a new scab over the next few days, and after it fall off you will see new holes again. haha the whole process takes about.. several months for me..

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