day 270

have to nail this post when i have the urge to write.
so many times i gave up on updating because by the time i’m by my laptop, i lost the urge to write.

little update.
as i’ve come to realize, this 2nd flare is all about “wounds”.
i’m way past the leathery skin stage.
i still had that in the beginning of my 2nd flare, which was around august – october.
thin skin will flake off from all over my body, arms and shoulder to be specific.
right now, my skin is more or less clear.. except for some spot which are hard to heal.
those wounds which scabs and falls off to reveal holey flash.
i think i need to come up with a name for them, so that i don’t have to keep repeating “wounds that scabs..” BLAH.

so i decided to call them the “bloody wound”. not that they are bloody in the literal sense,
just that they are bloody irritating because it takes so long to heal.
they can ooze for one whole day before it dries up and form a scab.

right now i have it on my right calf, right elbow, a few on my face.
i’m so sure it’s that steroid that gave me these bloody wounds.

on my left shoulder and right knee,
they are inflammed and constantly grow out bad skin.
they crack and ooze.

right now,
skin on my hands, wrist, elbow and the inner thighs form thick scales.
they are not scabs. they are skin but.. bad skin i suppose.

lots of fissures where ever possible.

swelling in my ear is slowly subsiding.

almost end of my 9th month.
i need more time!


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