day 287

i’m losing count of the days, i realize.
the days don’t matter anymore.
i’m 2 weeks into my 10th month.

haven’t got around to editing the photos.
i itch at the sight of them. so i’m pushing them till later.

after 2 months of a rashy torso (skin was thin, rashy and scaly on several spots, red, ooze if in contact with neighbouring skin), the skin there is now back to normal.
real smooth. doesn’t ooze/seep when i scratch it.
it’s not even itchy.

updates on the “bloody wounds”,
left shoulder is still cracking and flaking/scaling.
what an awesome sight, to wake up with yellow crusted skin on my shoulder every morning.
but hey, at least it doesn’t ooze like a bitch now.
right elbow is still a raised patch,
but it doesn’t ooze much. forms thick skins/scales/scabs, whatever it is.
it ooze if i squeeze it, and there’s this distinctive smell to it.
the smell tells me that it’s not over yet.
wound on my right calf still ooze. forms scabs too, but prone to cracking.
wounds on face are getting smaller by the day,
but there are 2 that’s taking longer than the others.
yea i used momethasone there.

arm is going through another exfoliation phase.

face, hands, feet are very red.

btw feet aint oozing like before already!
those bloody wounds there have finally…. gotten much better. : )
not normal yet but it’s so good that it’s not oozing as much as before.

2 thoughts on “day 287

  1. Hey ! Sweetie ! How cool you ate to document on your painful journey …. Like your cool way even when un hell 🙂

    You know you will heal and soon you going to start a new blog on the ” new life ” or “Reborn” and that’s when all this can go to hell …

    Love your blog and I will come often to see how you doing !

    Take care and I love you xxxxx

  2. Congrats on the healing!! I think momethasone is crazy stuff – i used Elomet for just 6 months and my face is still a mess…. as I have whined to you about :p

    Stay strong, and keep positive. Rooting for you! xx

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