day 295

random update:

things are still improving! HOORAY.

hands are no longer as swollen.
still red, sometimes it’s so dry that it’ll crack. but most of the time it’s at an ok dryness level.
after a month of scaling and peeling, the skin no longer looks like elephant skin now.
the lines on my skin used to resemble that of the elephant skin, deep set lines that are wide apart.
now the lines are much more fine and less deep set.
skin that have scaled off were thick and yellowish.
every time after it peels off, the skin beneath is pink and shiny.
you know what that means..

it’s been a lil’ more than a week since my last update,
and the bloody wound on my shoulder have been improving quite a bit in this week.
as much as i’ve observed, most of the bad skin must have grown out already.
the skin do not crack and fissure like it used to.
flakes alot less too.

bloody wound on my right elbow suddenly starting to scab again.
ok, bring it on!
as long as you don’t ooze like a bitch i’m fine with it.

the wound on my right calf looks raw sometimes.
it’s fine most of the time.. until the skin/scab falls off prematurely.
i must admit… i enjoy peeling off the scab.

i think it’s the same excitement i get whenever i excrete.
just like when you pop a black head, extract an oil plug, pluck out some stray hair.
i don’t know about you, but it’s probably my fetish.

face is still healing.
forehead is much better than before, skin there is almost back to “normal”.
i don’t mean the normal skin BEFORE withdrawal, i mean RELATIVELY normal.
skin below lips is not raw and oozing like before. skin above lips resembles the rash i have when i was still on steroids.
some days it’s better, some days it’s worse.
bloody wound still needs more time.

the presence of these bloody wounds tells me where i used the most steroids.
not everyone gets it, apparently.

btw, skin on calf (parts that doesn’t have bloody wounds) are so smooth.
not oozing.
integrity of skin is good, skin doesn’t break even if i scratch it.
thighs and torso too. part of my back too.

: D


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