10 months 9 days

lost count of the days.

haven’t been updating because i didn’t feel like writing at all.
there’s not much point in noting down the little ups and downs.
just need to know that i’m currently having bouts of ups and downs.

i think the hormonal fluctuations during menstruation took a toll on my skin,
i’m so not looking forward to the next cycle.
every time it sets me several steps back,
and it takes a bloody long time to get back to where i came from before the menses started.

you can tell that i’m not too happy right now.

sleeping in the day again,
sleeping cycle keeps changing.


everything feels the same,
i get sick of documenting them.

i’m still tomato red.
flaking is constant.
scalp is dry, hair is falling, i’m going bald soon.
oozing is not uncommon.
bloody wound on face seems to be getting smaller, but the wounds on my calf and elbow seems to be spreading.
shoulder and knee don’t look too good.

hands are not swollen, but still very red and pinkish.
feet are still very red.
thick skinned, flakes and scales.

hope the bloody wounds heal up sooner.
they take a hell lot of time to heal.

hopefully one day in the near future, i can wake up without smelling so stinky.


12 thoughts on “10 months 9 days

  1. Hi Juliana!
    I understand what you mean about hormonal fluctuations affecting your skin – I always get more bumps and tiny pimples during the time of the month 😦 Hang in there okay, and I’m here if you ever need to vent. xx

  2. Hi Juliana,

    I check in on you often and am praying for you, dear. I think my worst months were 9 and 10 and half of the 11th. I’m starting to see little changes now in then end of my 11th. Peter’s wife had a total rebound in 10 and 11 and then suddenly her 12th changed much. I pray that for you and me. God bless hun…Joey

  3. Juliana, I forgot to ask if you eat any fermented foods like kimchee? They are loaded with b and c vitamins and could help your immune system get a boost. I am making my own lacto fermented veggies and feeling better. Plus, I get B12 shots. Just wanted to help you out. 🙂

  4. Juliana, we have a lady doctor on the advisory board who took cyclosporine and said it helped her a lot. I’m not sure, but maybe you could ask her about it. Her name is Vica. I pray all the time for you and feel like this will never end, too. We just have a ways to go, I guess. xxxxx Joey

    • hi joey, thanks for your suggestion, i think i’ll keep that in mind. i want to let my body heal on it’s own, but if things don’t get better in another 2 or 3 months i’ll consider doing ciclosporine.

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