2 weeks to 1 year

just a short update.

skin on hands and feet are scaling every 3-4 days.
when skin is about to scale, i observe that the skin on my hand looks dark.
after the skin scales off, new skin surfaces.
appears to be very red after skin falls off.
skin remains soft for 1 days before drying and scaling in time to come.
1st finger on my left hand is currently the worst,
rather swollen. ooze. crack. flakes.
lines on both hands and feets are slowly improving,
the lines are still quite deep set but not as deep as it was 2 months back.

skin on arm are relatively better.
they were leathery back then in october, they feel smooth and soft right now.
skins till renews, but not as quick as before.
i remember right at the beginning, skin changes everyday.
skin on arm was rough, no matter how much vaseline i apply the skin still feels rough.

face is still in a mess.
wound on face is still present,
two on my cheeks.
skin on forehead and cheeks are thin, vesiculation present.
still red. dry.
scales and flakes.
upper and lower lips still itchy, red and peels.
does not ooze and crack like before.
i think my face needs at least 3 more months to see any vast improvement.

hair still falling.
i think the amount of hair i have left on my head (when bundled up) is no more than the surface area of a 10 cent coin.

upper back is changing skin.
ooze a bit if i scratch.
skin is thin there.

torso feels soft, but still some scaly patches.

over all i’m still red.
not feeling chilly, sometimes i perspire when i eat pepper laid food.

sleeping in the day.
it shifts around.


i hope things end soon.
i feel so helpless.

can’t help but write such a depressing post,
depressing because there isn’t much progress.


10 thoughts on “2 weeks to 1 year

  1. This is depressing 😦 You’re not alone though, and know that you will heal. Sometimes I wonder too, when the day will come when things fall into place and we can be out in the sun. Try to keep your spirits up!

    Also, I’m not sure if this will help, but when my hair started to fall initially (and it did fall quite a bit, was very brittle and my scalp hurt ALOT), I changed to a really gentle soap-free, organic shampoo (the organic people, vitamin shampoo) & started eating lots of good fats (avocados) and it’s actually helped alot. I now have thicker, healthier hair than when I began. You could maybe give this a try?


    • hi ami, thanks for your recommendation. i have been using kiss my face shampoo but it doesn’t really help, it’s not organic but doesn’t contain soap! i guess my scalp is affected since my face is still bad. the scalp is really dry, just like crops can’t grow on barren land.. :/

      will keep a look out for organic shampoo though, : ) thanks again!

      • Hi!! I remembered the name of the shampoo wrong – it’s ‘the green people’, vitamin shampoo 🙂 i like going to ‘brown rice paradise’ at tanglin mall, there’s very few people usually, they sell great products, and you can roam around for hours. it was the first place i decided to venture out, red faced and all!

        Hope you’re feeling better my dear, and here’s to ice cream in 2 years, when we’re healed and happy ❤

      • ami, thanks for your recommendation! I will check that place out after my skin gets better! with two big patch of “wound” on my cheeks, I really don’t wanna go out. haha! it’s too comfortable at home~ 🙂

        looking forward to ice cream in 2 years time! hopefully we can get well sooner than the stipulated time though.

  2. Hi,

    I’m not sure how can i leave my comment here.
    But I’m really sorry to see that it’s been so hard to u. And thank you so much to share everything here.

    I just found out what’s happening to me 1 or 2 weeks ago, but I have tried to avoid using steroid for a while… and u know everything ran crazy once i stop using the steoid, I just don;t know what’s wromg with my body until someone told me about “Kelly Palace” and i start reading all the stories.

    I’m not sure if the “liver cleanse”and “coffee enema” can be helpful for u or not.
    U can get heap of infomation from internet as well. i’ve been trying them for few months now. I still get itch, broken, red, burning flaked terrible skin all over my face and body, But it seems come down a bit quicker than yours.

    Have a look, it may help. I hope we can all get over it soon. May God bless!!
    I will also pray for you. XXOO

    • hi irene,

      thanks for leaving a comment. your flares might be going down quicker for you because you didn’t use steroids for as long as me, and we might have very different skin (i’m asian). i have come to realize that places that were touched by steroid cream takes the longest to heal, perhaps that’s why i’m taking such a long time altogether because i have used steroids on alot of places for a prolonged period of time.

      my recovery cycle seems to differ a little from the rest, but that’s not bugging me. i’m recovering, just very slowly!

      i’m not keen on detoxing as i feel that they are useless. i have tried a detox diet and it didn’t help at all. enema sounds too invasive and i doubt it’s usefulness. this whole thing is really weird, i think i’ll just wait it out!

      god bless you too, thanks for your suggestion, hope you get better soon!

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for the reply and the new post today. I’m glad it does get better over all.
    And I’m Asain too, from Taiwan but living in Australia now, how about u?
    It’s all good even u don;t feel like to try them. All I want is we all can get over it. That’s the most important thing. no matter how.

    Keep the hope, keep going, we r getting there soon!!!!

    God Bless XXOO


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