1 year 4 months

whatttttttt? it’s august already.. FML, this means i only have like 5 more months before school starts again.

i hope all goes well before school starts, i can’t imagine what it’ll be like to tackle school and TSW at the same time.

short update on my skin.
still red/pink.
dry, looks wrinkled, lack of collagen maybe??
areas that were in contact in steroids for prolonged period of time is still red and dry, skin flakes off everyday.
arms are also flaking, but getting a little better judging by the thickness of skin that flakes off (getting thinner).
shoulders are still changing skin. new skin is extremely thin and fragile. skin that comes off are thick.
using the kenkay sorbolene cream on my body now.
it’s quite watery, gets absorbed quickly and helps my skin feel softer for a while.
however the effects isn’t long lasting enough, BUT none of the other creams such as physiogel, bioderma, cetaphil, etc last long enough on me. none of them do what they promise to do..
now i think i know why.. my skin hasn’t been normal ever since i used steroids, no wonder those can’t moisturize my skin.
isn’t it weird that i was born with normal skin, but as time goes by my skin becomes abnormally dry?
fuck you very much, steroids.

having a rough chin that keeps peeling.
cheeks feels ok,
forehead is sometimes itchy.
been using the simple light moisturizer on my face for the past few weeks to keep it moisturized as much as i can to decrease any discomfort brought about by the dryness.
and after such a long time (7-8 months), i can finally open my eyes properly..
previously the eyelids were swollen so my eyelids can’t fold up as they used to..
right now i look like i just went for double eyelid surgery, good enough…..
at least i can open up my eyes now.

the oozing finger that got better last month has gotten worse again..
but the area of ooze became smaller, however it won’t stop oozing.
right now, the area in between my fingers and my palms are getting red…
might ooze in between my fingers once in a while.
FYI i applied steroids liberally with my hands. i smear them on my palms and spread them evenly on my skin.

soles are peeling – thick scales.
after peeling it off it reveals a squishy flesh that has some holes in it.
yea i know what this means.. vesicles.
hope they heal up soon so that i can walk properly.

worried about my hands because i need my hands to operate my life.
i fear i’m turning handicap soon.
without functioning hands i just cant sustain myself.

as you can see i’m not really in a good mood right now.
lots of fucks but i don’t give a fuck.
please get well soon, skin.

oh btw, i’m sweating and i don’t really like it.
when i overheat i feel itchy.
trying my best to keep myself cool.


7 thoughts on “1 year 4 months

  1. Hi Juliana, just stopped in to see hoe you are doing and some slow progress with this beast, but it is healing. I am going on 24 months and the back of my thighs is like 3 months now of thin, raw itchy, flaking skin and stiff bad in the mornings. My arms are really itching and nerve pain for 9 months now. It is the worst part of this, but it is all worst! My sweating episodes at night lasted about 4-5 months and I sweat easily which makes me itch. Can’t do house work or the nerves start tingling and burning. I hope that stops soon! We are healing in this madness and can’t wait for that day. Love you girl and think of you often. xo Joey

  2. Hi Juliana,
    Wonder what kind of cleanser you use on your face? I’m on tsw also, but just can’t find a mild cleanser that won’t irritate my face. 😦 so sad.. Have you tried moogoo ISB? It’s quite good, maybe you can give it a try..

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