1 year 6 months

one and a half year!
today my skin feels better than it did yesterday.
it just shed another round of skin.
a few days ago the skin on my arms, shoulders and thigh were thick, dry and cracking up.
didn’t reveal any open wounds though, thankfully.

today my skin is soft and smooth (for now) since i just showered a while ago.
vaseline is still my best friend for now.

i think it’s my arm’s turn to go through a cycle.
the skin feels warm to touch, and it constantly sheds.
really irritating : (

face is quite smooth, but it still lacks moisture.
feels dry after i wake.

still red everywhere! like a lobster! like i had a bad sun burn.

some part of my palm is still red, i don’t know what’s going to happen to those patches.
patches on my sole are still here.. i don’t know how long they’ll stay.

right now i’m just happy that my arms are smooth to touch,
i really hate the feeling of rough dry skin.
it felt as if i had scales.

skin on hands are not as mad as last month.
still changing skin, less elephanty as before.
still red/pink.

calf looks really dark,
looks like pigmentation. it’s lightening up though.
thigh looks a little elephanty because i kept scratching it.
lichenification, i think?
it’s red too.

i’m still quite swollen all over.
i think it’s general edema.

3 more months.. : (


6 thoughts on “1 year 6 months

  1. Hi Juliana! It sounds like you’re making progress. It takes forever, doesn’t it? It’s slow healing for me too! (>_<) I know what you mean about the elephant skin… I can't wait for it to be gone!! I'm thinking of you and hoping you are in good spirits!

  2. Hi Juliana,
    I am now 25 months into this and glad to say that much of my body is now rough skin but itching has stopped. My worst area is back thighs and crazy itch. Sleep problems still but slowly getting better. You will get there and someday look back and be so happy. xoxo

  3. Hi Juliana!

    Just wondering if you have gone to an acupuncturist or herbalist to help cope with TSW? Or what other things have you done to help you cope with the process?

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