21 months

summary of what has happened in the last month.
my skin continued to improve, it’s most obvious that my face is nearly completely healed.
my cheeks are definitely normal skin, but it does get a small red rash at times, but it subsides in a few days time so it’s ok.
face is only red after shower, but appears to be pale at other times.
forehead still has some rashes but it’s not obvious.

neck seemed to have gotten worse in a sense that the dry areas have spreaded,
but the red area have shrunk. it’s now confined to the dry areas.

redness all over my body is now more patchy instead of widespread redness.
still dry, still flaking.
vaseline is still my best friend.

i can feel myself getting better week by week..
hence i’ve decided not to go on cyclosporine : )

currently i have dry red patches on my hands, wrist, arm, shoulder, neck, thigh and feet.
the skin on my calf isn’t exactly normal.
my neck and face are two toned! hahaha it bothers me a little, so i’m finding way to cover up my neck. when the rashes subside and the skin returns to normal, i can always use a foundation to even out the skin tone..

i’m just really glad my face is looking normal, after all it’s the only place i can’t cover with clothes.

10 thoughts on “21 months

    • thanks louise! i wish you a quick recovery! my face was still pretty bad at month 14, but i’m pretty slow as compared to the other skin warriors.. so.. you’ll probably heal faster than me!

  1. Thank you so much for keeping the diary it is of great help as I am TSW now for a similar period….patience is so key …my life has changed utterly …the same for all of us…keep marching …nearly there huh 😉

    • i’m glad that my blog is able to provide some sort of help in any way possible.. : ) stay strong.
      everyone’s life has changed upside down due to this who scary situation, but it will all be worth the while eventually. some of the changes were actually good for me.. so yea, : )

  2. Found your site through the itsan.org link. I think I am in the same boat as you, except I haven’t quit cold turkey yet. What topical steroids and what frequency were you using before you quit? I have been using desonide 0.05% on face and triamcin 0.05% on body once a day for over a year. I am trying to figure out how long I should plan on being away from work.

    -Andrew, San Diego

    • hi andrew, i’m a long term user. i used that stuff for about 8 years, i started with quarter strength betamethasone.for several years.. then went on to medicum strength and full strength. it was only in the last few years that i started using steroids daily. i also used elomet on my face before. just 1 tube of that stuff. but constantly applying betamethasone on my body. i use them at least once a day.

      i hope you have a family to depend on during times like this. this withdrawal can easily take 1 to 2 years of your life.. during which i felt like an infant all over again because i need my mother to take care of me.

      if you can’t get away from work, maybe you can consider options like cyclosporine, which can help suppress the withdrawal. if done for sufficiently long enough, you might just have a small little rebound after stopping the drug and you’ll be normal again.

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