22 months

it’s not the 11th yet, but I’ll just update 2 days earlier this month.

one more month has passed, and the progress is slow but steady.
it still gets a little bad when my menses are about to arrive. but those redness will subside in a few days time.

I realize my skin is more sensitive now, prone to getting hive like rashes which is manageable unless it itches like crazy.

the good news is my neck looks so much better than a month ago. it was discolored and itchy before.. but now it feels kind of normal. it looks normal, although still a little darker than my face. it was doing good until my menses wreck hormonal havoc around my body. my neck had some rashes for a few days which disappeared after that.

I’m really happy to report that my skin no longer feel so dry upon waking up that requires me to take a shower. I can slather some cream and I will be good to go to school. first time in the past year when I can finally stop showering after waking.

I’m almost completely healed, right now i have widespread patches here and there all over my body. they look like eczema patches, red, dry and rough, but it’s ok, I can cover them up.

the fact that I can see that they are red patches means that the white areas are coming back..! but it’s not a good sight I must admit. I still feel heart broken every time I look at my skin.. but I will get there eventually.

I’m not complaining much, honestly speaking, I’m really grateful to have a normal looking face because that’s something I can’t cover up. I don’t even dare to put foundation on my skin.. I’m glad that I am functional enough to be able to attend school, to participate in class, to discuss things with my classmates without feeling bad, most importantly, I can feel my self confidence coming back to me slowly.

my face do get red rashes here and there, but it isn’t too obvious.. I do get alot of little bumps on my face now though. tried squeezing them because I thought they are comedones but turns out they are not. no idea what they are..!

each day, I wake up and feel grateful for everything that I can do once again..

I never knew life can be this good.. and it’s only gonna get better..

I know I will say this once I’m fully healed, even though I’m not right now but i see some light peeking through from the end of the long tunnel I am in. this journey is worth the hell of a ride I took. not only did it change my skin, it also changed me from within.

attaching a photo of myself. took this today before I left to visit my grand mother for reunion dinner. I am glad to be able to visit her 🙂


by the way in case you are wondering, I did fill in my eyebrows with some powder to make it look more luscious.. hehe! it’s not the full volume it used to be but it’s ok~~


10 thoughts on “22 months

    • hi chris, my face started to heal around…… the 12 month or so. actually i can’t remember, you can read back on my entries to track my progress. even when it started to heal, it took really long for me to get to where i am today.

  1. You look great , wow almost 2 years cant believe it – I have followed your blog for close to a year now, Im so happy your life is coming back to normal again steadily….. I just hit 13 months and have felt the most normalest I have since I dealth with this for the past 3 years, you are right the hell is worth it in the end – take care and congrats!


  2. Juliana-chan, it’s great to see you’ve made so much progress!!! It sounds like your life is getting back to normal. I’m so happy for you!! The finish line is so close now…


    • kyaro-chan! : D i’m really really happy to have made it this far, my energy is back, i can see the real juliana coming back slowly. i’m getting back to my usual cheerful self day by day.. :’D i hope you are doing well too..!

  3. Good to see you’re doing much better! As for your skin being very sensitive now, that’s a really good sign. According to Dr. Fukaya’s experience, once you’re through with withdrawal, you’ll have hyper-sensitive skin for awhile. But that’ll be temporal as well. After that, your skin is completely healed (as seen at 6:11, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ0IKTSse2E)

    • thanks lance! yes, i believe it’s partly due to the fact that my skin is still thin and not entirely normal yet. it’s barrier function isn’t as good as what normal people have so it’s easier to get sensitive. : ) thanks for sharing the video with me and assuring me!

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I came across it recently. I was researching eczema bc I have it on my hands ands and legs. I never knew about tsw!! I actually think that’s what I am going through now. Which is a relief to know that it will end at some point!! I notice weather changes affect my skin. Do you notice that too? Thanks so much for doing this blog

    • aikes, i typed out a reply to you but somehow it disappeared into thin air. first and foremost, you are most welcome. i’m glad to be able to raise awareness and plant this idea of TSW in you. secondly, thank you for giving yourself the chance and a reason to stay away from steroid creams.

      it’s hard for me to answer your question, because the weather in singapore is almost always hot and humid. so i don’t actually experience much of a weather change. however, while i was still on steroid creams, my skin will get better and get worse irregardless of the weather, so i think it doesn’t affect me. when i did go back to hongkong during winter time, my rashes didn’t get significantly better or worse.. so.. i guess weather didn’t affect me much?

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