not sure if anyone cares, but the 25th month update will be delayed and shall be merged with the 26th month update as I’m currently on a holiday.

I’m getting back on track, not entirely yet, but 95% there. I started drinking some alcohol and it seems to be fine.

if I can make it through, so can you. don’t stop believing, my fellow skin warriors..!

– juliana


5 thoughts on “[notice]

  1. Thank you, i have a question though; how did your skin get better? Was it relatively good after a bad flare up, or did it slowly heal with no drastic changes? If you were to eat chocolate or get very stressed would your skin have a bad flare up even now?

    • sorry, i must have missed your question.. my skin got better very gradually. it was relative good after a bad flare up, it’s a matter of relativity, really. if i were to each chocolate or get very stressed, my skin don’t really get a bad flare up now.

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