[special post] food of HK

as mentioned in the previous post, i went back to hong kong for a brief but satisfying holiday.
this will be a photolog of most of the food that i ate, some are MUST HAVES.
not so much photos of scenaries or places i’ve been to because i’m technically not a tourist, so i don’t take that much tourist-y shots.

shall save the limited number of photos of places for the next post.

food first! in no specific order, but just let me introduce you to some of my favourite food first. most of them are processed with instagram, too lazy to edit the original photos again!

let’s just call this the rice cake pudding. pretty sure no one can read the chinese even if i typed it out. it’s a childhood snack of mine and it’s made with sugar, glutinous rice powder, rice powder, and a dash of red bean. it’s steamed in a small bowl which explains the shape. there are brown ones too which are made from brown sugar, i prefer the white ones. i just have to eat one whenever i’m back.

all the childhood memories just keep rolling~

let me think how should i translate it into english.
fish meat siew mai, fish ball, and things that look like pig’s intestines that’s made from rice flour (the white color things).
pardon me. totally have no idea how to translate the latter without irking you out, as its direct translation would have been “intestines”.

i love the sesame sauce which i always request for more.
the fish meat siew mai is delicious only if the right soya sauce is used.
fish balls would have tasted nicer if i opted for the curry fish ball (but something was wrong with me that day and i opted for the non spicy one).


this is my favourite dessert from mc donald’s.
it’s the mcflurry with smarties!
i asked the aunty who was making it to add more smarties ๐Ÿ˜€
she just poured it in and i lighted up like a child.

they don’t have it in singapore, so i can only eat it when i’m in hk.

my first time trying out the french tea set.
looks too pretty to be eaten.
something worth noting, the whole restaurant was filled with female customers,
and they hired mostly waiters who reminds me of butlers.
felt like a princess there!!!
it’s called “le salon” located in hysan place in causeway bay.
i think it’s worth checking out, should always try stuff like this once.
and just once.

this is a crepe cake, but a pretty bad one (crap crepe cake? hahaha).
it looks better than it taste.
they used light whipping cream instead of heavy cream, sort of cheapened the whole texture and flavour.
those white little things are marshmellows.

teriyaki sticks at a rather expensive japanese restaurant located in tsim sha tsui,
thankfully the taste justifies the cost.

best salad i’ve ever had. also from the same restaurant as above.
it’s called ootoya.
back to the salad : the grilled chicken is SO GOOD.
the veggies could have done better with more dressing BUT the chicken totally made up for it.
juicy, succulent, flavourful..

a typical hong kong dumpling.
looks quite different from those in singapore (pyramidal shaped).
it tastes good, but i’m too used to eating those made by my grand mother, nothing really compares to what she makes.

not a favourite of mine but i do indulge in one once in a while.
ice cream drum stick somehow reminds me of HK.
gobbled it up within minutes.

YUM CHA! brought my friend to yum cha with me early in the morning.
i dare say we are the youngest people there.

went grocery shopping with my grandma and i really love japanese supermarket.
they have sections which sells sashimi, sushi, and salads.
this is my ticket to sin-less eating!!!
grabbed two packets of salad home.

on another morning, i went for morning yum cha with my grandma.
she always wanted me to try this special char siew bun.
it’s crispy on the outside, actually i’ll use flaky and crusty to describe the texture.
once you bite it you realize how airy the whole bun is.
so soft too……..

but i still prefer the traditional char siew bun.
i’m conservative like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

freshly steamed pork rib and chicken feet rice.
my grandma’s favourite!
i actually just like the pork rib, and the special soya sauce they drizzle over the rice (in the metal container on the left).

if you remember, i mentioned a few photos up that my friend and i were possibly the youngest people in the restaurant.
you see why now? usually only the older folks have the time to do morning yum cha.
younger ones have to work.
anyway younger peeps don’t really wake up early just so they can yum cha.
most hongkongers have their breakfast at local cafes.
it’s a pity i didn’t take a photo of my breakfast there, as the cafe is just below my house,
i visit after waking up without my phone or camera.

last photo of this set. a typical dinner at the cafe.
if i were to translate directly, the cafes would be called “tea restaurant”, it’s called that because hk cafes are most well known for their milk tea.
too bad i can’t drink too much tea as i’m super sensitive to caffeine.

the stir fried pork tastes awesome. it’s cooked with some plum sauce, it makes it sweet and sour and it tastes.. SO GOOOOOOD.

not a food related photo but this was my first cocktail after so many years!!!!!
it’s worth mentioning, this bloody strong mojito got me floating for a while.

thank god i was seated in a relatively quiet bar. ๐Ÿ˜‰

i think one photo of myself per entry isn’t too bad, right?


11 thoughts on “[special post] food of HK

  1. I think I’m visiting this October! =))
    zOMG. you guys still do the old school yum cha way of serving!!
    AND you look so beautiful. I remember seeing that special post of your ‘collage of healing’ and remember feeling so bad for you. Look at you now. Time heals all wounds!

    • october seems like a good time! it’s autumn and weather should be more cooling and dry. haha! yes the old school way! things never change much, i still have to wash the dishes with the tea before eating. just that my grandma used to do all the washing when i was young, now i have to do my own!

      time and patience changed alot of things. of course, i have to give credits to my hardworking skin and body for making so much skin. i still remember the days when i can get a small mountain of dead skin on the floor. what a marvelous sight! hehe thanks for your compliment ^^ you made me very happy~~~

      • You’re right. HK and most of Asia is unbearably hot during the summer months. Singapore is just hot all year around!

        TSW definitely builds character. I mean, if you can handle this kind of pain/suffering then you can pretty much do a lot of other things.

        Glad to hear you’re doing well. You’re an inspiration to all of us. 26 months is no easy feat!

  2. Aww u made me miss hong kong! But I luckily go back every year. LOVE the food. Wish I could recommend something to u but think u already have it all covered ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ps, you are so beautiful. Im really having a tough time with this tsw. Still early days and really down and v painful everyday but u lift my spirits and give me hope. You are a celebrity in the world of tsw. Please don’t disappear on us ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy your deserved holiday! Jo x

    • hi Jo! hahaha i feel so flattered being called the celebrity in TSW~ I won’t disappear on you all. I write for you all, share my life and experience with you all. there are plenty of things I still haven’t done for all of you.

      there are many more food that I didn’t capture on camera! >< gobbled them up way too fast before that shutter goes off. hk is a lovely place, minus the rude people and all the second hand smoke I get by walking through the street..

      the TSW journey is.. what can I say.. one hell of a ride. it takes some time, but you know you will be out of the tunnel eventually. ๐Ÿ˜‰ hang on tight and have faith! I'm really happy that my blog and updates are able to give you some hope.

      god bless!


  3. You have made me soooooo hungry right now! I went HK in April but unfortunately didnt enjoy all the lovely foods because skin was flaring so bad >< can't wait to eat EVERYTHING when i go back again! I'm Sooo happy for you! Have followed your blog for a long time, i am exactly 12 months behind you TSW wise. You are beautiful! I think even two pics of yourself per entry is fine ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • hello Tom! sorry for making you feel hungry, but I’m pretty sure a year (or shorter) later you will be enjoy these food again! I ate so much I’m not scared of food. thank god! was just thinking on starting a diet. now I got what I want..! hahaha

      hehe you shouldn’t encourage my narcissistic behavior.. my iPhone photo album has mysteriously increased in size from 3000+ to 5000+ photos in just 3 weeks. too many self shots! >_< if the situation arise, I might allow myself to post more photos of the current me.

      hang in there ok! TSW train is really slow an cranky but it gets you there eventually. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hehe hope your right la! I look forward to all the foods ๐Ÿ™‚ If only we was in HK at same time..you could show me me where i can buy the ‘but jai go’ i couldn’t find it anywhere ><

        Haha you are back to your beautiful self so your iphone deserves loads of pics of you! I havent taken any photos with friends these past year an half but hopefully once im healed ๐Ÿ™‚

        Did you avoid any particular foods during TSW? Looking forward to your 25 n 26 month post!!

      • you gotta keep believing ๐Ÿ™‚ well, who knows, one day we might just be in hk during the same time! ;D would love to meet some of the warriors!

        well the boot jai go.. it’s something i chanced upon. it’s something hard to hunt for, so the moment i see it I MUST EAT IT. you can try the wet markets, or local pastry shops (not those japanese ones)..

        you will take many many photo once you’re healed ๐Ÿ™‚ i can’t stop looking into the mirror these days, can’t get enough of my skin. HEHE!

        HMM, during TSW i avoided spicy food (because they make me perspire and uncomfortable), processed food (because they’re unhealthy in general), junk food (and all sorts of heaty food). i had a very clean diet actually, eating mostly fresh food and meat. but i spammed too much carbohydrates (rice, bread, cake, biscuits), please do not do that. i have too much fats in me that i need to burn away right now.

  4. soooooo great to see you finally living it up! enjoy and have a blast with your new skin! you look amazing!!!!!!!!! so happy for you!

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