month 26

here’s the latest skin update so far. made them into bullet points so it’s clearer.

– face is clear, rosy cheeks due to hot weather. no more little bumps that used to grow on my face a few months back.

i typed this few days before my menses came, my skin was bloody clear. however during menses itself, some changes did occur and i realize my skin is more sensitive. a bump did appear but it disappear the next day. nothing to worry about!

– pock marks???

i did notice something i never see on my face before (other than the pigmentation spots), i see some pock marks. i know i have a few (like two known ones), but somehow i feel that after my skin cleared, those very small pock marks have surfaced and grew a little in size. i don’t remember having these many marks!? where did they come from!? i’ll keep an eye on them. it’s not that visible to the naked eye.
– perspiration is still pretty crazy

i think half of it is due to the singapore weather. it’s funny how beads of perspiration will form above and below my lips, making me look as if i have a beard. i started exercising this 2 months and the amount of sweat is just amazing. it literally roll off my head and down my face.
– neck will get itchy once in a while, becomes dry, flakes, then gets back to normal after 2-3 days.

i guess my neck is still a little behind schedule as compared to my face. it’s relatively darker than my face and still goes through “flares”, if i may call them flares at all. it just acts up one in a while. the skin there is also more wrinkly than normal, it has deep set grooves. but i’m sure it’ll go away soon.
– patches on arms and hands are still healing.

now my arms and hands resembles the pre-TSW me. a little red patch here and there. mostly on my arm flexure and my wrist. arm is still visibly of a darker skin tone than before. my arm flexure (near the armpit) isn’t completely healed yet either. the skin there is thicker and a little dark red in color. yes it itches. sort of make me look ugly in sleeveless tops BUT since i’m all covered up when i’m out, it doesn’t really matter! just that i won’t be bikini ready this summer. 😛
– get hives easily, but also goes away quickly. aggravated by scratching.

i get hives especially when my skin is extra sensitive. URGHHHH hate that feeling but it goes away if i stop touching it or irritating it any further.
– knee area still thicker than usual.

my knees still has room for improvement.
– calf is all healed but dry, inner half is fair but outer half is still dark.

i would say my calf is 95% healed already. the remaining 5% is for the dry and dark skin. it still itches once in a while but it doesn’t develop into a scratch fest and broken skin. i can feel a few mosquito like bumps after scratching sometimes.
– toes get itchy blisters, heals on its own.

i get a few itchy blisters on my toes once in a while, harmless, itchy sometimes. takes a few weeks for it to go away. it just grew on my hands too, just a small population on my left pinky.
– sole still not fully recovered yet.

i think no one else had problems with their sole, so i don’t exactly know if this is part of TSW, but heck, i’ll just group it in anyway. it’s always been problematic ever since stopping steroids, it takes the longest to heal. it has actually healed up once after 20 months, but it forms vesicules underneath my thick epidermis. after a few months it sort of spreaded and grew larger in size. it still peels, i still enjoy peeling skin off. 😀 there are still vesicules which will usually dry up on its own. this is worth a photo.

click to enlarge!

although it happened before, but this time it’s less messy then the previous time (several months back). lesser juice, more skin.

didn’t bother taking photos of the other body parts because it actually looks normal in photos. the camera washes off some of the colors.. anyway things aren’t that bad anymore! still need some more time before skin gets back to factory condition.

hopefully by month 27? 🙂 i’ll keep hoping!

god bless everyone!

15 thoughts on “month 26

  1. Hi, firstly, you are so pretty! It’s encouraging for us TSW sufferers to see your journey And keep some hope.
    I was prescribed beclomethasone dipropionate 0.025% (which is quite potent) for my scalp, And after an off And on usage, I’ve developed painful sores, scabby skin on my scalp. My hair have been falling off in bunches. I’m hypersensitive to every type of shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. Not only that, if I don’t wash every few days, the natural oils and dirt from the environment kick up another hypersensitivity reaction. It is so difficult and it’s already been a few months with no improvement. Each time I heal for a few days, I regress with shampoo usage but it’s not like I have options.
    The only shampoo/conditioner that suited me was Cuimei damage care shampoo and conditioner, But I’ve looked for those everywhere I live and all over the net with no luck.
    Anyway, keep up the good work. Cheers!

    • thanks for your comment desiree! i believe your skin is in the hyper sensitive stage right now and it’ll just react to EVERYTHING. please don’t lose hope, i didn’t see improvements until many months later. have you tried to use something mild like baking soda to wash your scalp instead?

  2. Amazing to read your journey! Glad to know you are almost there at the end! It has been a long road for you – hope the little patches here and there clear completely in the next month or so!!! You are very encouraging – those of us in the beginning months need to see such positive posts! 🙂

    • hi tracy! i hope those patches clear up soon too!!! i’m so greedy these days, i’m also hoping for my skin to be fair again. 😛 but that can come in later. what’s most important is that the skin gets back to normal first.

      i have to be encouraging! wouldn’t want to scare away all of the warriors! ;P and i definitely need to spread the positivity around because i know how scarce it is during TSW.

  3. 哈佬,我已經過左第1個喇! 今日係第1個月既第2日,都係咁多個月已黎最辛苦既一日,我諗住停食訓教藥一個星期,點知成個星期都冇點訓,琴日我坐左係張床到喊左兩個鐘,之後喊到訓左教。。。﹣口﹣‘’‘ 今日起身個時全身好ITCHY。。。之後不停咁SCRATCH。。SCRATCH完之後全身都出曬水。。。重辛苦!!!真係好難過,甩皮都冇咁辛苦,出水真係好難受!!!你個時最辛苦係點架????

    • 恭喜你呀, 熬過一個月!
      我最辛苦的時候, 已經不是很記得了, 相信我, 一切都會過去的. 你現在所感受的一切, 等你好了以後你都會淡忘的.
      以前分分秒秒都可以感受到皮膚在作怪. 干到裂開, 流汁, 脫皮.. 已經儘量避免鏡子了, 不過偶而往下看到自己的手臂跟腿, 真慘不忍睹, 看到就心酸. 掉了不少眼淚.

      你就scratch吧, 至少會好過一點. 抓癢其實是很舒服的, 當作是唯一的欣慰.

      stay strong xoxo

  4. Omg, i jus stumbled upon ur blog today and it is such a pleasure to read ur post, especially when it encourages us to persevere. Im also frm SG so i can totally relate to the btchy weather u were talking bout haha. I was lucky to stop steroid early and it has been about 4 mnths now, rly seeing improvement. Nice meeting u, hope u can recover fully soon 🙂 .

    • hi sf, thanks for your comment, it brightens my day to know that you have stopped using steroids and you are so lucky to escape it’s clutch early! i hope your skin can return to normal soon. ;P hang in there! you’ll get there eventually! and thanks for your well wishes, i wish the same to you too.

  5. Hi Juliana!

    I have had serious eczema on my right hand for more than 7 years! At first, it only appeared on my middle finger. I went to visit my family foctor and he have me some steroid cream and of course, it worked immediately. Since then, I have nearly tried using every different kind of cream to moisture my hands. It’s pretty good as my eczema didn’t appeared for a while.

    However, when I started studying in university, my ezcema broke out again…my middle finger is full of little small poxes which are so ill and full of yellow fluid… And that’s the second time I went visiting my doctor to get my second steroid cream! I am quite lucky as the cream worked on me again..

    I have graduated two years ago and started working as a teacher. I doubt that pressure is the main reason of the outbreak of my eczema! I got ezcema on my WHOLE right hand!!! I went to visit the doctor one and a half month before for the steroid cream. However, my eczema just get worsen…

    I knew that many people cure their eczema by applying coconut oil! I have ordered a large bottle of it from I herb! My skin started to become dryer at that time (because it would help me to grow some new skin)! To me, I think coconut oil is good to use but my parents thought my hand was reddish they believed that my hand is under inflammation! They forced me to visit a specialist doctor and of course he gave me some more steroid cream!

    I am really worried about my hand now and I really hate using steroid! But it is sad that my family just doesn’t support me as your family…….

    Hope this is my last time using steroid, no matter it is external or internal use! And really thanks for your sharing!

    • hi irene, thanks for sharing your story with me! you’re lucky you only used it on your hand for a brief period of time. i think your eczema might be brought about by stress as you have suggested!

      you don’t have to worry so much about your hand because it will go away on it’s own (whether it’s TSW or eczema, i can’t tell for sure which you have). if you want your family to believe you, you can always show them my before and after photo. it’s proof that the skin can heal without steroids.

      good luck and stay strong!

  6. Sorry, I have not completed my message and accidentally click the send button (must be the eczema) 😤

    To continue, i was given cloderm cream (used 2 tubes) for my hands. It happened a year ago. Hand eczema came on and off. Subsequently, it spread to shoulder area, neck, stomach and arms 4 months later. Was prescribed 5 days of prednisolone and desowen lotion – used 2 bottles.

    When things did not improve, became fearful and went NSC after 4 months. Was prescribed 14 days of prednisolone again, plus elomat for body and protopic for eyelids. Applied for 1 week.

    Subsequent follow-up to NSC, the derm asked me to apply back elomat so as to suppress them. Apply for 1 month or so. Thing did improve. Upon reading ur blog, stopped cold and now rashes appear on my body (similar to the pictures you took in Nov 2010) prior to ur TSW. Just wondering it is a sign of TSW for mine too?

    Keep ur blogs coming…really motivates us all! Xoxo

    • hello there,

      the fact that the “Eczema” spreaded to your neck, stomach and arms 4 months after treatment is a telling sign that you’re addicted to steroids, as that’s one of the classic symptoms of TSA which often gets misdiagnosed as worsening eczema.

      so yea, sorry to break this to you but your story is pointing towards TSW. it’ll heal though!!

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