month 27

So I’ve finally taken photos of my skin!!! How long has it been? The reason why i didn’t take photos of my skin lately is because the minor flaws are hardly visible on camera.

Currently my skin color is still a little off, I used to be really fair. So fair that my friends said I resemble a vampire. There was almost no blood in me. I’m working towards that right now.

Flares come and go. The most recent one lasted for 1 week. It was just a case of sensitive skin, hives, itchy rashes, which quickly transformed into dry skin in 3 days.. and over the next 3 days it fell off and my skin was smooth again. (THANK GOD)

Some parts are still in progress, you’ll get to see them.

Overall, I’m happy to say my skin is so good now that it doesn’t even require moisturizing in the morning. Back then when I was still on steroids, I have to moisturize at least twice a day. Plus I have to carry around a tube of cream when I’m out so that I can apply to anywhere that feels dry. I don’t even need that anymore on parts that have healed well. (my neck still has room for improvements, I still need to apply creams there).

Wrist. The last spot of rashy skin disappeared last month finally…
on a slightly random note, i have been having weird joint pains during TSW. most have gone away, but there was one in my right wrist that has persisted for some time.. it is finally gone!!! its been more than 8 months already.

wrist at month 8.

elbow. You can see the hyperpigmentation that resulted from broken skin. I kind of scratched a ltitle too hard and I broke my skin. :/ it’s not rashy though. It’ll continue to improve.

inner elbow. Skin creases are still visible. Definitely room for improvement. Not itchy on most days. Might get rashy on certain days during my flares. VERY MINOR FLARES.

my calves, no more bloody wounds. Looks relatively fairer huh!

knees at month 10.

my ankles. No more cracks like before. Skin creases are still very visible.

my feet and ankles at month 8.

side of my right ankle today. still a small spot of itchy and dry skin. see the brown spot there? it used to be black. the pigmentation is crazy!

ankles at month 11.

the back of my ankle. Still some rough and pink skin.

my sexy thighs. Really smooth right now!!! CAN’T STOP TOUCHING THEM.

the inside of my left knee. See that rashy part? It’s still healing. It’s not part of the flare cycle. It’s has a life on its own.

the back of my neck, it’s not perfect yet. In fact a cycle has just ended. Still dry and pink sometimes. I’m not comfortable with tying up my hair and showing the world my neck yet. it’s crazy pigmented, makes me look like i have a make up disaster going on (fair face but dark neck!).

photo is a little blurry! But you can see it’s worlds apart from how it looked like in the past. still relatively darker (but not very obvious on photos) than my face and my decolletage.

my face, no make up except for the slight orange lip tint I applied. My fully grown eyebrows, eye lashes, smooth skin, and the suddenly-very-visible pockmark on my forehead.

my face at month 10. Missing eyebrows and a lot of hair.

that’s all for my update for this month! as you can see i’m getting better and better.

stay strong my fellow friends. may the peace of god be with you.
god bless.

p.s. i’m not sure if you noticed, but i’m starting to run late on my monthly updates these days.
i used to be really on time, making a post on the 11th of every month since that’s supposedly the day i started to quit steroids! but.. hehe~ i’ve been so busy getting back into life lately.. i’m trying to spend more time with my family now that i am able to! my friends too..

however i’ll try to be on time next month. ;P
i promise i will keep writing, i’ll be with you guys mentally to provide support and help.


23 thoughts on “month 27

  1. Id say you are already perfect Julianna! So pleased for you. Can I ssk though whether I your hands and wrists oozed? Both mine now look like your above photo and have just started to weep like crazy. … this hot hot weather is making it worse. Its distressing me as its been almost four months of bandaging arms and hands now. I want my arms free & beautiful again !!x

    • thanks Jo 🙂 my hands and wrist definitely oozed, it wasn’t the bloody wound type of oozing though. it’s just that if its in contact with something then it will start seeping fluid. it’s the different kind of ooze (if you get what I’m saying). I know they ooze because my dry skin that fall off has a yellow tint to it, evidence of the yellow fluid.

      I actually suggest NOT bandaging your arm and let it air dry instead. my hands took a long time to heal because I used a lot of steroids on my hands.. I also applied steroids on my body with my hands.

      but fret not!!! you can be assured that yours will be beautiful and smooth again. 😉


      • Yes! I know the different kinds of ooze. Mine is worse when I apply moisturiser… it stings a little then I see huge beads of sweat coming out of the skin.

        Ah, I wrap them because im worried about staining my clothes and bed withooze plus I don’t have to look at them then

        Can’t believe how amazing youlook now. May it last forever! Xx

      • ahh i see! do whatever that makes you feel comfortable please! 🙂

        hehehe thank you so much, i don’t know if i want to look like this forever.. that’d really make me a vampire..!

  2. You look great! Your blog is such a lifeline of hope for me. I read through it when I am feeling down. Thank You so much.

    • you’re most welcome 😀 i’m glad to be able to help you in some little ways. i know exactly what you all need because i’ve been there done that. needed some faith back then but all i can rely on was dr rap’s journal. hang on tight!

      god bless!

  3. Hwy Juliana, you look great really! Cant believe how you push through all the shit. I am currently in my 5 month, and things don’t look too good. I will be starting school in NUS in 2 weeks time. I am considering taking one year off school, but I have not begin school yet, and I am not officially a student of NUS as I haven’t go for the registration session. My question is, are you from NUS, and if so what was the procedure like when you took you leave of absence.


    • thanks oregene 🙂 to apply for leave of absence, you will require a doctor’s letter stating that you are not fit to attend school. if you already have your NUSNET ID and pin, then you can go to‎, log in, select “leave application” under “self service”.

      otherwise, i think you can call up your department to inquire. information of your department admin should be available on the school website!

      good luck!

    • hello jane, i can’t remember specifically if they were itchy or not.. but judging by my photos i did rub my eyes alot too. i guess they were itchy.. try to ask her to reduce rubbing her eyes because the skin there is supposedly more fragile than the other body parts.

  4. Those before and after pictures are unbelievable,
    your transformation journey is National Geographic material.
    other than that, you’re sexy and you know it.

      • ha! Seeing your happy face should suffice.
        I forgot to ask previously, have you ever tried fasting?
        if so, than for how long?
        I’ve read several articles about intermittent fasting,
        and how it can significantly speed up healing of various conditions.

      • i’ve never tried fasting. can’t stop stuffing my face back then.. i was ALWAYS hungry! plus i was too stuck on the idea that my body needs nutrients because it was losing skin way too fast.

        perhaps you can try and report back if it works?

      • Actually I already did a 3-day water fast several months back,
        while I was still going through the worsening stage (spreading, burning, .etc),
        although I didn’t notice any external improvement, I did feel a lot better internally,
        some of the specific things I remember were: headaches for a while,
        slowed heart-rate, reduced anxiety, improved mood, and better sleep.
        if anyone reading this considers fasting, you should read this first:

  5. Hi! You are an inspiration to me! I’d just like to know how long you’ve been using steroids since your steroids? 🙂

    • hello eunice! thanks for the affirmation 😀

      i tried to guess what you asked.. but i can’t decide which is it.

      if you’re asking how long have i been using steroids, it’s 8+ years.

      if you’re asking how long have i been using steroids since my steroid withdrawal, i haven’t used it for the past 28 months already.

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