[rss] 26 july

here i am, doing something i enjoy doing – GUITAR TIME!!
*strikes one item off my to-do list*
i haven’t been able to touch my guitar during TSW because my fingers were affected too, i was worried the guitar string will eat into my flesh. plus i wouldn’t be able to do the bar chords, how am i going to play a complete song without those?

still playing the songs i used to play 2 years ago.

ANYWAY! some good news for you all, a fellow skin friend who wants more TSW warriors to see and be encouraged by my documentation has sponsored unlimited bandwidth, not for me, but for you all.
(making full use of my new unlimited bandwidth, i’ve uploaded this photo to photobucket instead. the previous rss post wasn’t affected because that image was uploaded to the wordpress server!)
as if i’m not already lucky enough to receive your (as in everyone who have read and left happy footprints on my blog) heartfelt appreciations, god has decided to shower me with more love by planting more lovely people in my life.

i hope these little things can remind you once again about how lucky we all are.
i want to constantly inject some good vibes in you all because i have been in that stage whereby the deatheater left me because i had no more happy thoughts.
i was drowned in the negativity that TSW has brought upon me and.. it has hurt the people around me to see me hurt like this.

i have been depressed, i have shut people (close to me) out of my life, i have spent my days crying and nights scratching.
it simply made each second harder to pass by.
then i started to be thankful.
i know it’s hard – thankful!? about what!?!? i’m suffering like hell and you want me to be thankful for this???
ditch that self pity monster for a second (you have to try real hard because it always sneaks up from the back! keep your back protected peeps!).
think about things that you’ve taken for granted – clean air, water, food, shelter.
think of your the neccessities that you have access to, forget the wants that you (don’t need and) can’t enjoy at the moment.

some encouraging things that i’ve saw on tumblr during TSW.

you get the drift.

while it did take me a while to realize how lucky i was,
i started feeling better on my inside, as time goes by.

why am i making a point in talking about these?
because TSW affects more than just our physical well-being.
the mental side was something that wasn’t mentioned in dr rap’s paper,
i never expected myself to be rid of my self confidence and self esteem.
and making friends with depression?
that surely opened my eyes.
hey, at least i can now empathize with more people.
that’s the silver lining i saw.

being thankful is the first step towards being happy.
do you wanna be happy?

ok this has got to be the longest rss ever.
i actually intended the rss series to be short entries sent from my mobile

soon, you can get to do the things on your to-do list too!
and it does feel great to FINALLY be able to do that.
anticipation makes things more fun ๐Ÿ˜‰


4 thoughts on “[rss] 26 july

  1. Great post! I love the one about the joke and laughing as its been repeated! I probably would be that loser that keeps laughing at the joke though! I agree that TSW is more than just physical. As I going through a calmer period my emotions are.what need to be healed. I realized I am much more traumatized by the ordeal than I realized .

    • thanks vee ๐Ÿ™‚ really? you’d keep laughing at the same joke? i guess you’re lucky then! because you’ll always be happy that way ๐Ÿ˜€

      tsw has lots of hidden T&C that we weren’re prepared for..! but you know what, you’re stronger than you think. ๐Ÿ˜‰ you’d do well! trust me.

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