month 28

4 aug 13
currently in week 3 of month 28, and i’ve had a bout of nano flare this week.
must be the hormones!!! girls, be prepared for little dips when your menses arrive.
i’ve had a weird sleeping pattern for the past few days, somewhat resembling my TSW days.
i either couldn’t sleep at all, or i fall asleep for a few hours, awake for another few hours before falling back asleep.
there was one particular night when i was up at 4am, i started suspecting if i have bugs on my bed because my thigh started feeling itchy. i can feel several bumps, most probably hives because it went away after a few hours.
it was kinda itchy, and i couldn’t resist touching the bumps.
it feels like bubble wrap and i want to burst it so bad.

i was awake for about 3 hours, and during that 3 hours i felt itchy constantly.
i hope it’s not because i had 2 drinks the previous night..!!!

the day after i had to pop an anti histamine (non drowsy one) because i continue to get small little hives here and there.
it was irritating.
not sure if it’s the pill or if it’s the time, but i didn’t get anymore bumps after that.

last night i had a good sleep after all that sleep deprivation from the previous days.

i think it was a flare, but it’s soooooooooooooooooooooo mild i’m not even sure if it is or not.
since it deviated from good skin, i’ll just consider it as one.
skin is soft and smooth today again!


9 august

i think my body doesn’t like wine.
i SUSPECT wine made my skin extra sensitive.
i shall test it out a few more times.
have been getting little spots of hives here and there.
my neck is definitely having something going on though.
not exactly considered a rash, but there were definitely dry and broken skin.
it’s barely visible but i can feel it when i touch it.

had some dry patches on my thigh several weeks back, it’s getting smoother now.


13 august

after a week, the little cycle on my neck is calming down.
it was red and dry the other day, it’s REALLY MINOR, let me assure you.
it merely deviated from perfect, that’s all i’m saying.
today when i feel my neck most of the dry skin is almost gone.
i believe it’ll be back to normal in a few more days.
there are still some deep set lines on my neck though, those will definitely take more time.

not sure if it’s part of the hormonal cycle or what,
my face had little bumps for a day or so.
maybe it’s the hormones, maybe it’s the wine.
*please don’t let it be the wine*

i was still getting mosquito-bite-like hives yesterday.
really sensitive skin huh..

got some photos to show you all.

please focus on the part circled in white.
my arm felt itchy so i used something moderately sharp to scratch it a little, it quickly swelled up (a case of dermatogrpahic uticaria).
i would have drawn the world map there if i knew this was gonna happen..!

a random little hive on my face.
it only itched for the first 30s when it was forming,
it disappeared soon after that.
this is how my facial skin looks now.
can’t imagine my skin can be baby soft again.
if you look at the neck it’s still a little dark and thick.
just a little bit.
still waiting for my neck be totally normal.
there’s still room for improvement.

the insides of my elbows have been itching for this week.
should be gone in a few days’ time.

let me see.. what else..?
the weird patch on my sole seems to be healing.
it have spread a little over these few months but i think it’s subsiding soon.
i hope.
i think i will have maybe a few more months of fun with the peeling.

my sleep has been good, i can function energetically on 7 hours of sleep on most days.
sometimes i get more sleep, sometimes i get less.
but all’s good.

skin fall is no longer as scary as it used to be.
how on earth did i create so much dead skin previously!?!?!
i can sweep my floor once a week and the amount of skin i can collect is barely a tenth of the daily amount i used to get.

end of my month 28 report.
can’t believe it’s 28 months already!
life’s only getting better..!
don’t lose hope skin warriors!
i shall entertain you all with more posts to come.
let me know if you want me to write about anything in particular. 😉


2 thoughts on “month 28

  1. Hey Juliana, once again thanks for the consistent updates since from the start of your journey… The rash on your face, its totally not noticeable as compared to what we TSW warriors would have at the start… Very beautiful skin and to know that the skin will eventually be better, its the only hope that we cling on to as we suffer everyday…

    I am only at the first week, *shrugs* and it was hellishly painful physically and emotionally, thanks for the hope that you give to us to know that we will be better everyday… I guess that the only comfort I get is that my initial withdrawal symptoms are not as bad as yours since I only started being religiously applying steroids religiously in the last 1-2 years… I cant imagine what you went through… 😦

    Thanks again and congrats on your flawless skin… Have a great evening! 🙂

    • hello kenneth! thanks for your comment 😉 it keeps me doing what i’m doing!

      do hang on tight to whatever hope you can find because this journey will be really tough. be warned!

      haha you wouldn’t want to imagine what i went through. i hope no one ever has to go through that.

      stay strong, and don’t stop believing! if i can do it, so can you.

      lastly, you are most welcome. 😀

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