(rss) 16 august


1. I want to soak myself in sunlight without worrying it’ll irritate me – CHECK.
2. I want to perspire without feeling itchy – CHECK.
3. I want to stroll without worrying I’ll itch or feel uncomfortable – CHECK.
4. I want to wear my shorts and not worry about how it look – CHECK.

only thing that I wasn’t feeling too comfortable about was me not wearing my sunscreen that afternoon. *overly worried about sun damage* but half an hour of sun should be fine, considering i’m covered up and well protected from excessive UV rays on most days.


4 thoughts on “(rss) 16 august

  1. HELLLOOOOO~~好耐冇黎睇你個BLOG,可能好多人已經講過不過你真係好靚女丫,見到你可以四處走,我都好開心 ^___^ 我今日已經第3個月喇,我諗我同你之前差唔多狀況,我手指/腳指又肥又腐爛-0-”D節位既皮膚成日裂開,真係痛到我死死下… 上星期我又感冒又黎PERIOD再加上惡劣既皮膚,我真係自己激死左自己!呀,我想問呢你好返之前有冇話同平時咩唔同???

    • 喂喂!好耐冇見你既comment wo!你過獎啦!哈哈哈〜 你好快就可以好似我咁四周圍去架啦!
      恭喜你啦,已經堅持咗3個月!已經好叻女了〜 唔好激死自己啦,冇好處既!搵d開心d既嘢黎做好過啦!
      我好之前有d咩唔同?就d皮膚慢慢咁好番囉,我都講唔出到底有d咩係零社唔同既wo〜因為一切進展得好慢。可能你會覺得自己唔會再一路發冷,d頭油開始番黎,d皮冇甩咁多〜 之類啦!
      你要加油呀!don’t work against your skin.. work with it instead! 你實得既〜!

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