(rss) 25 august


I finally managed to finish my roll of film on my Diana mini. it took me 29 months. that’s right, there are photos from 2 years ago and I am dying to find out what is in this tiny time capsule.

I was at the botanic garden that day and holy cow, the weather is amazing for taking photos! I’ll share those photos in another separate entry later. 😉

btw, I realized I’m easily tanned these days. is it just me? or is my skin thinner than before..? I can’t really tell. I’m straying further and further away from my fair skin T.T

10 thoughts on “(rss) 25 august

  1. Would love to get one of those cameras, can’t wait to see the pictures! Happy to see your skin looking so clear and smooth! Only time will tell if mine will look the same… 🙂 x


    • i think you can get them online! http://shop.lomography.com/ personally i find them over priced (who would pay so much for a plastic camera?).. but it’s something fun to have! if you have cash to burn, why not? 😉 i’ll see if i get anything good out of the film!

      thanks for being happy for me! i can assure you that your skin will be clear and smooth in time to come!


  2. You’re beautiful! I hope my skin heals as nicely as yours.. I’ve been keeping up with your blog since may 2012 when I first started withdrawal.. You bring me alot of hope.

    • thank you chris! thanks for letting me know that i can bring you a lot of hope! that really makes my day to know that i’ve succeeded 🙂

      your skin will definitely heal up, just a matter of time! ah, it’s more than a year into your journey, you’ll be at the end of the tunnel really soon..! hang on tight!

      god bless!

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