(rss) 30 august


there are several close girlfriends who populate my life. over the past few months I’ve been meeting them on different occasions.. and I have finally met the last one whom I’ve not seen for 2.5 years. mission accomplished!

here we are at 63 levels above ground, overlooking the entire Singapore. thankfully I don’t have acrophobia.


6 thoughts on “(rss) 30 august

  1. Hi Juliana!
    I’ve recently been diagnosed with TSA and will be withdrawing from college for a year to live w parents. I love them and they have been so supportive so far. However they don’t speak English (I’m a Korean immigrant) and rely on me mainly when needs arise. They have called me at least ten to twelve times the last two days for me to take care of things and I find myself being really tired and annoyed already. It seems like you get along well with your parents, and I usually do as well but when i can barely handle existing day to day, I’m sure my emotions will be on the edge. I really enjoyed being independent and I’m scared I may get more stressed out living with them. Any advice?

    • hello esther, i believe you can try your best to warn them about your difficulty in managing your mood, and then try to let them know that they might have to depend on themselves for a while, or even to have you depend on them throughout TSW.. the most important thing is to communicate well with them i believe? easier said than done i know.. but i can’t think of any other way right now other than to make them understand how difficult this situation can be. show them that you need them, that should do the trick..!

  2. hi juliana, gd to c u looking so happily on the photos. i’ve been 19 months off steroids. right now, the back of my right knee has been itching. they will itch every night and i’ll scratch them during sleep. then i’ll apply some prickly heat powder to absorb the blood. i always wonder how come they always itch after i fall asleep. n i can’t controlled myself not to scratch. based on my past experience, my itchy spots will take around 6 months or more to heal. i used to have different areas which makes me itchy n no matter wat i do, they will continue to b itchy. however 1 fine day i’ll stop scratching. n then it’ll heal by itself. maybe the itch cycle ended. then another itchy area will appear. as for diet, i try not to eat prawns or dried shrimps. but sometimes i think eat or not makes no difference.
    how’s ur skin? do u still scratch it everyday?

    • hello nivea~ 🙂 thanks for sharing my happiness! 19 months is a feat! give yourself a pat on your shoulder!
      i also have some itchy spots here and there. mainly my neck, my thigh and my arm folds.
      i think the skin tend to itch after we fall asleep because liver activity is highest during those period of time. i forgot what’s the entire reaction pathway..
      they just take time to heal on its own, skin rashes is a weird thing. 🙂 as long as they go away eventually!
      i think it’s ok to eat one or two shrimps unless you’re super allergic to it.
      my skin is doing ok at the moment, not at its finest as it is a little more rashy than it was a month ago. i do scratch everyday. :X

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