month 29

22 aug 2013

i think i’m having an episode of micro flare! i’ve observed for 2-3 weeks, it seems to be more resistant than the previous week long rash. i did indulge in excessive chocolates a week ago, but it’s been a few days already and things are still not improving as quickly.

i’ll keep an eye on it. my inner elbows and behind the knees seem to be getting a little messed up. and little bumps on my face too.

all in all, i’ve had like 2 months of happy skin. this isn’t gonna make me unhappy, it’ll pass soon. 🙂


24 aug 2013

it’s so funny how things turn bad and then turn better again in a matter of days.
whatever i described 2 days ago are so much better now.
still some remaining redness on my arms and neck, but at least they’re getting better!
the rashes are here to stay this time..!


6 sept 2013

been observing for 2 weeks. rashes on arms are healing, slowly.
i do see new rashes popping out here and there (my face, neck, abdomen, back, thigh, calves). seriously!?
i haven’t been eating candies anymore, and alcohol has been limited to just 2 drinks at most.
if there’s something that changed, it was me decreasing my dosage of chinese medicine.
i’ve halved it for the past month.

i don’t know if this is a cycle from TSW, or is this my original eczema surfacing.
too early to tell!
i’d be lying if i say i’m not worried, but it’s really nothing in comparison with TSW.

my skin is significantly drier than a month ago.

i haven’t felt so unsettled in a long while, and feeling this reminds me of the past.
i’m just going to admit that i’m feeling scared currently that my skin will turn bad slowly,
the fear of not knowing is lurking around the corner once again.


12 sept 2013

finally got my ass around to complete this monthly update.

after an entire month of observation..
1. skin is probably just going through another cycle. arm folds that were super red 3 weeks ago are now much smoother and less red already. no raised patches.

2. dry skin mentioned previously is getting better too.

3. neck area is less irritated, rashy parts are flattening and less dry.

4. hives are occuring less often, but i still get a few spots on a daily basis, it lasts no longer than 10 minutes.

5. rashes that have popped up last week is clearing up.

6. as usual, menses makes things worse. skin seem to be driest prior to the start of my period.

took some photos.

it’s been almost a month, it started out as raised little patches. the usual cycle entails: itchy -> dry -> peels -> repeat daily.
it’s much flatter now, the redness dissipated and is now of a brownish tone. peels every 3 days i guestimate.

had trouble cropping this photo because if i frame it wrongly, it makes me look like a giraffe. hahaha!
anyway, this is my neck as of.. 11 sept.
it’s been dry. the rashes are still clearing up, it’s not that obvious in the photo (which is precisely why i didn’t take alot of photos during month 15 onwards, because they look like normal on photo. blame my camera!)
i can’t usually see the back of my neck so i was quite surprised to see it in photos, it was better than what i thought.
my neck has always been itchy, especially after i exercise.
i would scratch, it feels rough, i thought it will be red and/or inflammed..
but it looks quite ok to be honest.
maybe it’s time to tie up my hair again 😀

my mom took this for me, see the slightly shiny skin?
it means that the healing works are not complete yet.

my neck as of 12 sept 2013.

this is how my neck looks 7 months ago in february.
i’d say my neck is so much better now. the lines aren’t as deep set anymore, but it’s not thaaaaat bad.
most of the red spots/blotches are now gone.
i just realize i have gained one (or more) small little mole. PHOTO HUNT TIME.

over the past 5 days i’ve been keeping an eye on the mysterious rash on my cheek.
at first i thought it was a pimple, turns out it’s a raised rash.
it’s finally flattening out now.. still red though.

so to conclude, i saw quite a number of rashes appearing in the past month.
i also saw my rashy arm folds get better over time.
last but not least, it’s already 29 months off steroids for me!
gonna give myself a pat on my shoulder (like i always do after going through one more month) before i end this entry.


5 thoughts on “month 29

  1. so long we dun apply/take steroids, even when skin flare up, it will still be tolerable. of course it will itch, of course we will scratch, but it will never be as bad as the initial withdrawal stage.
    to all the pple who r withdrawing from steroids – hang on !

  2. Great to see you are enjoying life.

    But damn, it must be scary. You are still not 100 percent sure it will return.

    I am in my second big flare and 11th month. I will be so scared when it subsided again.

    • hello evil genius, it was scary during those days because i had no idea if i’m falling into another flare (which will take a long time to heal) or just a short cycle.

      good luck and stay strong! 11 months, you should be doing well from then on. 😉

    • hey cheryl,

      sorry but i don’t know what are the things inside my chinese medicine. i’ve stopped them already anyway. i also don’t know what herbs are effective for eczema, it’s not up to me to give medical advice since i’m not a doctor! you can visit a TCM doctor to find your answers!

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