(follow me to) ann siang street

150813 finally getting this place out of my mind.

i’ve seen a friend’s photo of this place 4 years ago, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since for no apparent reason.
ann siang road, also known as ann siang hill.
it’s finally my turn to check it out, and it turns out that there’s nothing much to it other than the sun, the shophouses and a bunch of bars that i did not enter.

it’s an hour long train ride for me. this is how the singaporean train looks like!
i’m pleased to say that public transport in singapore is quite efficient.
at least i only have to wait for 5 minutes at most for my trains to arrive! good enough.

i alighted at tanjong pagar, i always walk past this red building but have no idea what it’s about.
i think it’s called the red dot museum.
it seems to house several restaurants on the inside.
it’s just pleasing to see such a bright coloured building.

walked past the urban redevelopment authority building,
i remember they used to house some really cool and colourful exhibitions so i walked in,
plus the weather was really hot, i could use some air con!
it’s free entry, and i think if you’re interested in how the landscapes of singapore has changed over the years, you should definitely drop by this place.

i can’t find the colourful exhibits anymore, but they do have a huge ass floorplan of singapore.

i actually went up to the 3rd floor which houses the Singapore City Gallery.
it shows you all the planning that goes behind the development of singapore and some of the exhibits are very interactive!
i didn’t bother taking photos while i was inside because i was busy reading up most of the exhibits!

this is part of singapore’s major redevelopment area, marina bay.
it’s built mostly on reclaimed land.
modern marvel.

decided that it’s about time i make a move, right next to the URA is the maxwell food centre.
so this is how the singaporean hawker centre looks like.
when i just arrive in singapore a decade ago, i wouldn’t eat at places like this even if you pay me to because hawker centres are usually dirty and slippery. however their cleanliness has improved vastly over the years, it has won me over by now. 🙂
i think hawker centres are unique to singapore, i don’t see them in HK.
most hawker food are delicious and super affordable, plus you get the most authentic taste of singaporean food.
since i already ate i didn’t have lunch here that day.
grabbed a cup of ice cold sugar cane juice and i hit the road.

this is apparently a boutique hotel!
i got attracted to its exquisite art deco exterior.

here i am, at ann siang hill.

past and present in the same photo.

i took 50 steps ahead and i’m at the end of ann siang road already.
anyway that’s all the photos i took while being there, it turns out that ann siang road is only a very short stretch of road.
i should check out the little bars over there next time!
i went there in the afternoon and most of the shops were closed,
i think it’ll be a different story at night.

i guess my mind constructed a slightly different image of ann siang hill based on what i saw from my friend’s photo.
i expected it to be longer, more winding, and with a chance of spotting a small pastry shop which i can sit down and treat myself to tea time.
now that i’ve been there, the idea of visiting ann siang is no longer at the back of my head.

moving on.

more shophouses along chinatown.
i love the way they look!

by the way, tanjong pagar and chinatown are very near each other.
i can walk from one place to another within 15 minutes!
and so i headed towards chinatown.

side track: i used to hate going to chinatown.
it always give me a bad vibe. i don’t like the atmosphere there and it makes me feel uncomfortable.
no idea what it is exactly, but i just didn’t like the place.
it’s a different story now though.. i love going to chinatown!
other than the really good and cheap food at chinatown complex, they have cheap toiletries too!
so far it’s the cheapest i can find in singapore.
sometimes the prices can be half of what i see in normal drugstores or supermarkets.

located in people’s park centre, this is where i get most of my creams and stuff.
there are 2-3 toiletries shop here, i always walk around to compare prices before hoarding.
you know where to go to get cheap toiletries next time!

i wonder which part of chinatown i can explore again next time..


4 thoughts on “(follow me to) ann siang street

  1. thanks for the post hun. i hope you had a fun day! wish i can visit Singapore one day. only been to Kuala Lumpur since my husband is Malaysian. things are just sooooo cheap in Asia! travelling is def on my to-do list when i’m healed!

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