(rss) 19 September


I’m losing count but I think it’s been close to 3 years since I last went clubbing. it’s good exercise, really. I probably looked so silly wiping sweat off my face while on the dance floor.

mission accomplished! one more item off my to do list. 😉


5 thoughts on “(rss) 19 September

  1. Hey Juli how’s your mini flare coming along? I was worried that you are still suffering from TSW or is it just your normal “true” eczema. I’m in 4th month now, and you were right about my legs will most likely not be spared =/ Did you experience extensive oozing on your legs? Or swelling?

    • my mini flares come and go. these days it’s like a 3 day thing. skin is sensitive for a day and over the next 2 days it goes back to normal. haha!

      i have no idea what to categorize my skin condition as right now too. it could be TSW, it could be my “true” eczema, only time will tell.

      extensive oozing and swelling on my leg – a definite yes. it’s only normal, since the feet is under so much pressure. you can try raising your feet up whenever you can. it helps temporarily.

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