[follow me to] botanic garden

one of my girlfriends dated me to the botanic garden one day, but she couldn’t make it that day due to unforeseen circumstances.
a solo trip it is then.

it’s my first (or second?) time going to the botanic garden.
i have a vague memory of going there when i was still in primary school,
however the place looked so vastly different from my memory,
i’m actually not sure if the place i went to last time was indeed the botanic garden.

that aside, it was a fresh experience for me.
i’m so thankful that the singapore government is so active in maintaining green spaces for people to pass time.
being in the sun is not my kind of thing, getting drenched in my own sweat is perhaps the last thing i want to do in singapore..
i’m pampered to spend time in air conditioned malls, but things get boring after some time..
it’s time for a change.

check out how clear the sky was that day.
i’m always in a love/hate relationship with the weather.
i really love the clear blue skies, but i hate the heat.
but thanks to the weather, i managed to snap a shitload of awesome photos that day.
everything looks good against such a gorgeous blue sky.

i don’t want to bust your data limit if you happen to be reading my blog out of the wifi zone as this post is very image-heavy, read on if you’re into orchids!
never mind if you’re not into orchids, i spent time editing the photos to near perfection, i insist you take a look at them anyway (if you’re in the wifi zone that is). 😉

cute little gazebo.
this place is filled with trees, trees, and more trees.
it’s such a brand new sight for me because when i think of singapore, the first image that comes into my mind is the orchard road and the central business district, which translates to sky scrapers.
right now, i’m going to think of trees on top of sky scrapers.

the botanic garden is so big, i was just walking around aimlessly (i was prepared to get lost!).
i believe this was at the fragrance garden.
as the name suggest, the garden do smell good!
it’s just a subtle floral scent that’s rather delightful.
i can feel my sweat forming droplets and they were rolling down my face.
would have had a better experience if i wasn’t sweating like a pig under this scorching sun.

a tree/leaf/plant wall.
this reminds me of a scene from harry potter and the goblet of fire,
when they were competing in the triwizard tournament, they were put inside a maze that has vine walls.
only this is more sunny than what’s in the movie, takes away that scary feeling.

i headed towards the orchid garden after taking a short break.
i had already walked around for more than an hour by then, i’m tired, dehydrated, and just zoned out.

the orchid is the national flower of singapore,
it’s quite amazing to see so many sub species of it housed together!
took a lot more photos while in the orchid garden because
1. it is not free admission
2. the flowers are stunningly beautiful
3. the flowers are stunningly beautiful. HAHAHA!

i’m just going to let the photos roll.
didn’t make a note of what they’re called, it doesn’t make any sense to me anyway.
feast your eyes on nature’s beauty.

this is probably my favourite, that dash of pink is so pretty.
almost like a sakura.

interesting fact for you: they name this orchird after margaret thatcher.

and this is named after princess diana.

i can totally draw relations to princess diana by looking at this orchid,
it’s pure, simple and elegant.
as for the one that was named after margaret thatcher.. =_=

this looks like a scene from some fairy tale,
like some thousand year old tree that will grant my wish,
or sing “listen to your heart” to me.

anyone else think this flower looks fake?
i thought it was a plastic flower stuck, i was wrong.

another favourite.

tell me they don’t look like they’re poisoned.

there are several different sections within the orchid garden, i’ve visited maybe 2 out of the 3.
spent more than enough time in the hot sun, i’m prepared to enter the “cold room”.

jungle path.

there it is! a glass house in the middle of the jungle!
honestly i only wanted to get in there quickly because it’s supposed to be cooling.

the cold room is supposed to imitate the natural habitat in the tropical mountains where the temperature is lower due to the altitude.
when i entered i was greeted by the extremely humid smell, URGHHH.
look at all the moss growing on the rocks, you know how humid this place is.

a second look and i’m out of the stinky place.
thanks for the air con but no thanks for the smell.

the botanic garden is very well maintained,
don’t the vine loops make it look almost fairy tale like?
felt like i was in wonderland.

i’m actually thankful for the good weather that day,
it allowed me to take great photographs. 🙂

basically, everything will look good against a clear blue sky and strong lighting.

there isn’t much to add on for this entry,
this is mainly a photolog.
hope you enjoyed the sightings as much as i did,
but at the comfort at your home instead of sweating like a pig like i did.

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