(rss) 5 oct 2013


good Saturday morning everyone! here’s my take on the hipster photographs. hehehe I might be a closet hipster, who knows. maybe very soon I’ll start posting photos of Starbucks coffee along with Instagram food shots here.

#imnotahipster #yet 😛

jokes aside, I just wanted to inject some positive vibe into you all. don’t lose sight of the destination, the journey will end some day. stay strong skin warriors!

4 thoughts on “(rss) 5 oct 2013

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey! I’m going through TSW now! Second time! Although I am healing much faster with acupunture and diet! I guess everybody is different! What is your Instagram so I can add you ?

    • aww amanda, please don’t be jealous.. i’m not trying to incite that feeling in you. i was hoping you’d feel more encouraged and assured that one day your skin will heal up too!!! *blow that jealousy away and replace it with hope* 🙂

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