(rss) 17 october


time passes so quickly for me!
this was a few days ago when I had dinner with my friends. oh god, I’m so lucky to have a bunch of friends who makes me laugh so easily.

we were a nuisance that night, I’m pretty sure about that because we just can’t stop laughing.

but we are genuinely happy and can’t hide that fact!

can’t help but stare at my shiny forehead as I reviewed the picture. my skin is GREATTT!


8 thoughts on “(rss) 17 october

  1. you look so fantastic! it’s really great to see just how far you’ve come!

    and as someone who’s always had dry skin, i know what you mean about that forehead shine haha! congrats!

    • thank you rachel! 😉 i’m happy that my journey is able to make you feel great!

      hahaha i’ve seriously never seen my face this shiny before. i suppose you will have shiny skin next time too!!! healthy and shiny skin 😀

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