(rss) 25 oct 2013

I’m aware that it’s already the end of Saturday at my side, but for a lot of you Saturday just begun!
I hope everyone is doing well today! remember to focus on the good things. it’s all around us, all we have to do is to see them.

I took this photo one night after I exercised. I’m amused by the sweat that has formed on my arm. that sheen..!
what a weird place to perspire.
even the face of my feet pours sweat when I exercise.


4 thoughts on “(rss) 25 oct 2013

  1. Thanks Julianna. It’s nice seeing encouraging n motivating words first thing in the morning! It’s been pretty rough for me in the past couple of days. The perspiration is crazy for me at he moment. Night sweating is such a b*tch lol when did that stop/get better for u? It’s Sunday for us here now, have a lovely weekend hun 🙂

    • good morning! i can’t recall having night sweats….. i think? i use a really thin blanket (by that i mean a quilt cover i got from ikea, it’s really just 2 thin layers of cloth) that doesn’t make me too warm.

      have a lovely weekend too!

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