[rss] happy Halloween?

this time last year, i thought i had the perfect halloween costume.
i did the public a favour by not going out to scare little kids though!

thinking back, maybe i should have.
i wonder if people will ask me how i get that someone-just-threw-acid-at-me look.
ok i exagerrated, my skin wasn’t thaaaaaat bad by then already (it was what.. month 18?),
but there were occasions when i scared the shit out of myself when i was reviewing documentation photos that i took.

holy crap!

thank god it’s behind me already. 🙂

no self shots for this rss post, but this entry sure is random enough to share the same tag!

2 thoughts on “[rss] happy Halloween?

  1. hey juliana! bit of a random question, but when did you know that you’d hit that point of being generally TSW free?
    was it a general progression to a point where your skin just seemed back to normal and flares had stopped?
    i’ve been so fixated on ‘that day when I’m done’ and only just started thinking that there wouldn’t be one particular day when i wake up with normal skin and a message from the heavens saying ‘you’re all clear. no more flares for you! go forth and live your steroid free life’ haha
    how/when did you know you wouldn’t get another flare?

    you look absolutely fantastic these days by the way! hope you had a great halloween!

    • hey rach, there wasn’t a particular day. perhaps there was, but I kept telling myself “there might be another flare coming, I shouldn’t set myself up for disappointment by thinking this is the end, instead I should just enjoy all the good skin time I have now, when the next flare occurs, I will just suck it up and be thankful that I had a period of good skin.”

      to me, the entire TSW is a very gradual and slow progression. how I define myself to be out of TSW.. hmm!
      1. I’m no longer red and dry all over
      2. no more oozing
      3. minimal itching
      4. skin stop renewing daily (this is a very clear sign that inflammation is subsiding. from the initial daily skin change to a 3 day cycle, then slowly 1 week cycle.. once it’s back to 28 days cycle it’s normal skin already, but this is just my observation)

      that’s all I can think of for now!

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