month 31

16 oct 2013

woke up two 2 itchy hives, one on my arm and one of my calf,
it’s worth noting because i haven’t had much hives in the past 3 weeks.
and it’s not like i irritated it during my sleep (ok, i might be wrong).

other than that, skin seems to be fine.
moisturized 99% of the time.
certain spots (that used to be rashy) do have some dry skin flaking off them.
thigh is still smooth!
there’s discolouration though.

not much itching, as far as i remember from the past week.

the little vesicles on my soles are still there,
after what.. 4 months?
sometimes they’re on the verge of disappearing and then they make a come back.

i’m thinking if i should disgust you guys with a photo.
ok it’s not that disgusting. it’s just vesicles, wells in my skin.

i’ll give it some thought.


25 oct 2013

hello hives. we meet again.
you didn’t bring your friends with you this time! just you and your partner?
that’s nice of you.

woke up with 2 little spots of hives on my arm today.
they were kind to me!

skin is doing great.
these days i’m just dealing with small little rashes.
the rash on the back of my thigh is on a dry phase now,
but the other parts of my thigh is smooth.

i have a slightly itchy abdomen now though.
i look like a monkey scratching my tummy while i stretch backward.

skin is feeling so normal these days,
not much dryness. i just went a day without moisturizer this morning.
not even on my face!
my natural oils seem to be able to keep it supple enough,
but that doesn’t mean i won’t apply creams though!

even normal skin needs hydration.

just been sweating a lot as the weather was extra stuffy for the past few days.
no irritation.

a few photos from a few days ago.

16 oct 2013
it’s this spot on my elbow again.
i foresee more dry skin to come off this region in time to come until it go back to normal completely.

18 oct 2013
some small bumps on my elbow flexure.
(i just realize it’s invisible on photos.)

19 oct 2013
itchy rash on my forehead!
but a week later (as of today) it’s almost gone!
not itchy anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 nov 2013

another 2 weeks of peace.
as usual, the skin gets drier prior to my period.
i’m just going to keep mentioning this monthly in case some girls experience in and forget that our periods may worsen our skin.
fret not.

having some itchy belly issues.
sometimes it feels like my different body parts are taking turn to itch.

26 oct 2013
the rashes are gone.

26 oct 2013
this part of my neck was the last to heal, now it’s no longer dry!
but the skin is a little shinier than normal,
still some recovery work to do i guess!

26 oct 2013
i can’t recall why i circled this part of my leg.
i think it’s because there used to be a rashy patch there for the past few months and now it’s finally dying down.
i can still feel that it’s more rough than the other part of my legs, but no biggie at all.
some discolouration (it’s darker than surrounding skin) but it’ll fade with time.

30 oct 2013 & 5 nov 2013
want to use this photo to show how my sensitive skin is these days. if i’m not getting hives, then i get this from scratching my skin.
it’s super red that night, slightly warm to touch and a little raised.
got me all worried!!! i thought it’s one of those nummular eczema spots that i used to have!
but it went away the next day.
i only took the photo today because it slipped my mind a few days ago..

5 nov 2013
my neck is getting better month after month!
the elephanty lines are less obvious now.
the darkness around my neck is fading away too.

5 nov 2013
a few tiny patches of shiny/reddish skin.
room for improvement.

5 nov 2013
face is clear.
(spots on my nose is not due to TSW or eczema. it’s due to my itchy hands and the inability to resist squeezing white/black heads.)

5 nov 2013
this is part of my abdomen.
it’s a little itchy and dry, you can see the shiny skin.
this is different from my shiny forehead!
my forehead is shiny because the skin is healed and moisturized, this is shiny because the skin is still healing.

5 nov 2013
little bumps i have on my feet.

some of you wondered what’s my current skin condition is like..
you can see for yourself!
not perfect, slightly more sensitive than my factory condition, but heaps better than TSW days.
i’ll get there one day ๐Ÿ˜‰

8 nov 2013

there is something i forgot to mention.
about a week before my period came, my lips went drier than usual.
i get dead skin piling on my lips on a daily basis!!!
not the best lips to apply lipstick on to.

i asked my mom if her lips exfoliate daily, she says no.
so it must be me.
it’s just weird because the dead skin just keep forming even though i apply vaseline on my lips all the time!

BUT, 2 weeks later my lips are back to normal – no daily dead skin.
back to lipstick friendly lips!

elbow and knees are itching a little bit.
feels a little rough!


10 nov 2013

my skin felt rough all over, so i scrubbed (FEELS SO GOOD) my entire body during shower.
i might have irritated several parts of my skin that’s still having minor rashes though.
say hello to smooth skin!

4 thoughts on “month 31

  1. loving the huge change you’ve had in the last year or so – so happy for you!!
    thanks for the tip about that time of the month – I didn’t even think of that when I had a mini flare (it also coincided with a cold snap in the weather so I’m not sure what caused it… maybe it was a nasty combo of cold weather, heaters and hormones!)
    and you’re the first person who blogs on TSW who seems to have mentioned hives which I seem to get now and then so thanks for being informative about that too!

    • heyyyy rachel!

      i can’t believe how much can change in a years time. back then i wouldn’t dare to imagine how my skin will be like in a years time since my skin was really bad at the end of 12 months of steroid withdrawal.. but yea, it’s such a miracle!!!

      you’re most welcome sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚ i just try to share as much symptoms that i have observed with you all so that you guys don’t panic and wonder if it’s normal to get symptoms like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      getting hives means your skin is still sensitive, but i see that as a good sign.. ๐Ÿ˜€


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