[rss] 10 nov

haven’t been posting RSS lately because i’m holed up in my cave most of the time during the week.
you’d probably ask me “why stay at home when you can go out ALL YOU WANT?”

well.. that’s because..
i went out too often a few weeks back and i’m utterly exhausted!!!

this was what i did last sunday.

my girl and i looking pretty – just doing what we’re good at you know?

she brought me to try out this hyped up cafe that serves “all day breakfast” type of dishes.
i honestly have no idea what these are supposed to be called.
don’t even know where they originated from, but you get the idea..
bread, eggs, and bacon are no longer limited to the AM.

i’m not a coffee connoisseur, but the coffee was so good,
i didn’t even have to add sugar.

the gf had an amazing idea to take photos of us together,
so we put on our mothers clothes for a vintage look and headed off to look for suitable backdrops.

i should do this more often now since my skin looks perfect in photos.
if it fools the camera, it’s good enough. 😉

it’s also the first time i’m wearing a skirt without tights – showing so much of my legs – in 3 years.
*achievement unlocked*

4 thoughts on “[rss] 10 nov

  1. Juliana you look beautiful! Wearing your parents clothes makes you look indie!
    Also that breakfast looks amazingly good!!! Glad your feeling normalish again and having fun.

    • thanks brendan! is that the breakfast that’s served commonly in australia? my friend told me it’s very popular over there..!

      and it’s not our mother’s clothes actually..! hahahaha!!! we just put on some vintage looking clothes 😛 and yes, i’m definitely having fun..! 😀

    • hello anne,

      it depends on what’s your purpose for visiting the derms.
      if you want to get steroid creams, i guess the derms at the NSC works just fine.
      if you want support for steroid withdrawal, so far i haven’t seen any derm from the NSC that supports the notion or belief of being addicted to steroids.
      personally i won’t recommend the NSC because all they do is to prescribe you with steroids. you could have just gotten it from the polyclinic.

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