(rss) 15 nov


i’m still alive people!!!
i’ve had a crazy weekend.
tiring but fun. 🙂

i went to malaysia!
was on a road trip with my gf and her friends.

you’ll read about it soon.
that’s the malaysian bak kuh teh (pork rib soup) on the right.
i love itttttttttt!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “(rss) 15 nov

  1. Is that klang bakkutteh?

    Jealous of your road trip. Eagerly looking forward to mine when my skin gets better. =)


    • hello leslie!

      HMM i’m not sure what klang is. it’s just the regular malaysian bak kuh teh! it tastes more of herbs and spices than the singaporean ones.

      please don’t be jealous, i am not trying to incite that kind of feelings around here! you’re turn will come soon enough. 😉

      • yep more herbs and less salty compared to SG. the closest one comparable is leong kee bak kut teh near beach road.

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