[brain fart] rainy day

the weather is super cooling these days, raining for most part of my waking hours today.

have i mentioned before that this was (and probably still is) my favourite kind of weather?

i was always the type who embraced the dry and sunny day,
ever since TSW came into my life, i became more like a mushroom,
preferring the wet and gloomy days.

what a glamorous mushroom i am.
DON’T JUDGE. hahahaha!
(my friend used to called me the fungus queen because i love the dark and rainy weather so much. that explains the crown :P)

back then when my skin was so bad (i love how i’m able to use “back then” right now..!) i’m almost always in bed.
i don’t want to wake up because i don’t want to see myself.
the darker the skies the better.
and cooling weather makes my skin feel more comfortable.

i think this was how i ended up loving rainy days.
not because i’m a die hard romantic who wants to dance around in the rain like it’s the last dance (HAHA no idea what reference i had in mind to construct this imagery),
simply because rainy weather reminded me of the little tinge of happiness that i managed to squeeze out of the depressing air.

whenever the sky darkens, the juliana that was hiding somewhere in me cheers and somersaults.
and every night as i say my prayer before i sleep (i no longer do anyway, because i fall asleep too quickly these days for that to happen), there’s bound to be one line that goes like “please let tomorrow be a rainy and cooling day.”.
whenever it rains, i’ll walk to the balcony to enjoy the cooling breeze and thank god for “giving me rain to wash away my pain”.

these days i just curl up in bed comfortably when i wake up to such weathers,
feeling thankful that i no longer feel my skin.

and this weather also makes me feel like i’m back in hk.
*good memories gushes back*

december is my favourite month.


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