[rss] 6 dec 2013

yesterday was my first time being a bridesmaid, this marks a new stage of my life (not that I’m the one getting married, but a life of being a bridesmaid for all my girlfriends in time to come).

normal bridesmaid in the morning, Indian bridesmaid in the evening. I’m a super bridesmaid! awake for 18 hours yesterday. boy am I exhausted, almost felt like I’m the one getting married instead.

I’m so thankful to be able to have good skin just in time to play a part on her special day. last year she told me about her wedding plans in December 2013, I wasn’t sure a year ago if my skin can heal within a year or not. thankfully it did..!

I’m so happy!!!

4 thoughts on “[rss] 6 dec 2013

    • hey charles! hehe thanks! it seems like i’m totally healed, but i still have some underlying rashes and sensitive skin that is still present. it’ll take some time before i can declare myself 100% healed i guess! but they don’t affect my social functioning, so in that aspect, i’m 100% back to my normal life.

  1. Hi gorgeous!
    Welcome to brides maid hood. Once you have one, they keep flooding in.
    Your gonna be sick of it son
    Xoxo enjoy while you can.
    I’m happy things are great for you.

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