month 32

13 november 2013

several things i’ve observed.

  1. my skin feels drier in airconditioned environment, but feels hydrated and moisturized in the outdoor (guess the sweat and humidity plays a part).
  2. my skin seems more saggy than before. could be due to
    a) loss of collagen aging (but highly unlikely since the collagen production generally decreases drastically after 25 years old. i’m not there yet).
    b) loss of collagen due to years of steroid application.
    c) cells that are in charge of making collagen is still working at maximum capacity yet.
    d) skin is now thinner than before (due to skin thinning effects of steroid, or just the fact that my skin was abnormally thick when i was applying steroids? could be both.), so it’s more prone to tugging and being stretched.
    e) skin was stretched previously when i was having slight edema (in the later stages it just looks like i’m super chubby, it’s unlike the initial swelling). now that it’s almost all gone, there’s no longer pressure to blow my skin up. I’M A DEFLATED BALLOON.
  3. the hair on my arm and legs that used to be growing lusciously (i mean long and thick) are now reduced to growing lengthwise. they’re no long as thick and visible as they used to be! in fact, it feels like fuzz instead of hair, it’s really thin and fine. HOWEVER, the hair that are growing on areas that are still being scratched are still thick. i think steroid application might be the next big thing for people trying to fight hair thinning.
  4. back in august, my skin gets tanned within 30 minutes of being in the evening sun. wtf seriously!? i went home after a 45 minutes stroll at 5pm in the evening ( the sun was still there but it wasn’t even strong), looked into the mirror and noticed my entire upper chest covered in a grey cast. i thought it’s dirt from outside, so i tried to wipe it off.. TO NO AVAIL. this sort of supports the fact that my skin is now thinner than before, since it’s now more permeable to UV rays. if this is not the case, then i probably have overly active melanocytes. now that it’s november, my skin seems to be less sensitive to uv rays as compared to before.


26 nov 2013

no bad news is good news to me.
month old rashes on arms are now fully gone.
part of knees are still a little rough.
rashes on feet are getting better.
they don’t look like rashes, just look like irritated hair follicles.

i can safely conclude that remnant eczematic rashes (defined as parts of skin that are slightly raised, redder and drier than usual, itches a little) takes a month to go away on its own. and the funny thing is that it is NEVER as severe as what i had while i was still on steroids.


2 december 2013

dry skin alert!
it feels dry even after i scrubbed myself in the shower.
damn you hormones!!!

and my feet was so itchy yesterday.
but it feels SOOOO good after scratching it.
*scratches away*

and i noticed pretty significant water retention in my body for the past few days.
is it due to my suddenly higher than usual intake of carbohydrates, or is it.. hormones.. or is it my skin..?

whichever it is, I DON’T LIKE IT.


4 december 2013

i had a weird episode of rashes and hives after i showered today.
no idea if it’s just the warm water or if it’s the tiny part of a prawn that i ingested during dinner.

suddenly i can’t open my eyes properly, i can feel something getting in the way.
the little bump below my eyes itch.
the rest of the rashes don’t itch, thankfully.

hmm. i still don’t know what happened.
i didn’t make any changes to the things i apply on my skin.
if it’s not the food, then it’s probably the hormones.

they were on my neck too.

about 1 hour later, the red rashes are visibly gone.
the bump on my lid went away fully the next day.


6 december 2013

broke out into a scratch fest after showering.
i suspect it’s the water temperature.
might have indulged in a shower that’s too warm for my skin.


7 december 2013

skin where rashes appeared a few days ago are now dry.
there are no visible difference though, i’m just waiting for the dry skin to fall off. 😀


9 december 2013

seems like my feet and thighs are going through a cycle.
it’s been a month and the rashes are still there.
it’s just a lot of tiny red bumps instead of one raised patch of skin though.
it’s only on those places that i used to have a rash and used steroids on.
i know what this means.. (another episode of mini flares, i prefer to call them cycles)


11 deceomber 2013

i think my entire body is a little more sensitive than usual now.
i have a few bumps on my face too!
waiting for them to go away patiently.

i can’t conclude if it’s directly related to hormones,since i didn’t have such bumps last month.
i think it just resembles the previous episode some time in september.

i’ll keep observing!

this entry is coming in a little later than usual because i suddenly have more things to document.

some of you have asked if i’m 100% healed,
sadly.. i’m not.
i still have some eczematic rashes going on,
and only the parts that have been in contact with steroids are acting up.
this definitely mean that my skin is still healing from steroid damage.

we’ll see how things go next month!


2 thoughts on “month 32

  1. I find it so inspiring reading your posts! Reading up dates and seeing patterns in your skin that is the same as mine. Reminds me that I’m not in it alone and that my body is doing the things its needs to get rid of this.

    At the moment I have very similar patches on my face and neck to what you had. Maybe its a December weather thing? Glad that yours went down after the hour, mine are still present after day two. And dry. Trying not to touch.

    So happy to see your beautiful fresh skin coming through!

    Holly ♥

    • aww holly! thanks for giving me the heads up!

      you are definitely not in this alone! but I know what you mean. sometimes we just need that assurance that what we’re having are considered normal 😛

      maybe we’re both going through a December cycle! let’s hope that it’ll be over before Christmas so that we can all have a good holiday season!

      my neck is back to normal again but my face still has that few dry spots, barely unnoticeable so it’s fine! 😀

      thank you for being such a sweetie!


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